The Three-Piece Suit – Timeless, contemporary and always the right choice

The Three-Piece Suit – Timeless, contemporary and always the right choice

15 Feb 2021

Timeless, contemporary, and stylish – these are some words that usually define suits as eternal menswear and three-piece suits are no different! Ageless in style and dapper in appearance, this is one fashion trend that’s remained consistent for years.

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Despite 2020 causing ripples in every industry through change, advancement or elimination, some classics have remained untouched. The power of a three-piece suit comes from the allure and confidence it exudes for the wearer and it can be as minimalist or as present-day as you prefer.

Comprising of the standard jacket and pants, accompanied by a matching or mismatched waistcoat, it is usually worn over a simpler shirt, keeping the waistcoat as the hero of the outfit. The waistcoat cinches everything in place for a neat finish of your shirt and tie and makes one look instantly stylish while adding a certain structure to the outfit while flattering the masculine frame.

The versatility of the suit

The versatility of the suit is an advantage as it offers the wearer a variety of dressing options. Want to go casual? Opt for just a stand-out waistcoat, shirt and chinos. Want to add an edge to your suit? Mix and match the waistcoat with the jacket and pants of another colour or texture altogether.

A common misconception is that a three piece suit should be avoided in warm regions such as the Middle East. Although counterintuitive, we tend to recommend the opposite. To preserve their stylish appearance, most men refrain from removing their jacket when wearing a two piece suit no matter how warm the weather gets. On the other hand, a three-piece suit made with lightweight fabric allows you to remain distinguished if you decide to ditch the jacket, as you will be sporting your trusty waistcoat and trouser ensemble to keep cool while maintaining your tailored dapper appearance.

Some men fear the waistcoat as they believe it adds bulk to their silhouette. This is only true of the ill-fitted waistcoat. If there is excess fabric in the midsection or it is in an unflattering pattern to your body type, it may indeed make you appear larger than you are. On the other hand, a perfectly tailored fit, style and design will allow a slimmer appearance and a whole lot more confidence in the wearer!

We’re big fans of three-piece suits and at C&C, we believe they deserve to be every men’s wardrobe essential. There is nothing that makes you look as sharp and confident like a well put together suit.

Need further inspiration? Swipe below to check out some of our favourite iconic 3-piece ensembles and the men that fashion them just right!

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