Samrat Amarnani

Samrat Amarnani


Samrat Amarnani is the founder of Collars & Cuffs, a Dubai-based bespoke tailor that dresses the successful men in formal and leisure wear. He established the company in 2012 and it is now run by a family team that has been in the tailoring and textile industry since 1949.

Amarnani is responsible for driving sales for Collars & Cuffs by building lasting relationships with clients and constantly improving the customer experience with better products and services. He also sources exquisite, handpicked fabrics and men’s accessories from across the world, and strengthens the skills of the brand’s in-house team of tailors, designers, and master cutters to ensure top quality. Amarnani has an intuitive flair for understanding customer needs and tastes, and marrying them with the latest trends and possibilities in the tailoring world.

Amarnani grew up in the tailoring world. His great-grandfather was a renowned tailor in Indonesia and this legacy was passed to his family, which has been a major player in the textile industry for over 60 years. Amarnani developed a passion for fabrics and design at a young age, working for his family’s wholesale textile business as well as in various internship roles at fabric mills and stores from the age of 14. In Dubai, he identified a gap in the market for high-quality fabrics, great customer service, styling advice and tailoring at a reasonable price. Collars & Cuffs was established to provide customers with a place where they can find not only the best fabrics, quality, and fit, but also exceptional guidance on which garments will best meet their individual personality and style.

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