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We’re here to make sure you look the part no matter the theme. From a classic, black tie evening to a no-frills, seaside affair; a semi-formal soirée; or a gala dinner, we provide you with premier options for the big day.

Collars And Cuffs – Bespoke Wedding Suits Formal Wedding Book Your Appointment
A formal wedding makes it even more important that you look elegant and timeless. We usually recommend a tuxedo in classic black or even a midnight-blue for a touch of modernity. Our style consultants will ensure you look and feel impeccable throughout by adding subtle touches to enhance your look and complement your surroundings.
Collars And Cuffs – Bespoke Wedding Suits Beach Wedding Book Your Appointment
Suits for beach weddings need to be made of breathable yet stylish fabrics,comprising of cotton or light-weight silk or linen blends, and light-summer colors that reflect the formality of the wedding and the casualness of a beach.
Collars And Cuffs – Bespoke Wedding Suits Countryside Wedding Book Your Appointment
Wedding like these when set in a vineyard or barn always feel like something straight out of a storybook! Grooms should opt for a simpler yet elegant look. We usually recommend a modern suit made of lighter fabrics and designs that will add to the authenticity of the location.
Collars And Cuffs – Bespoke Wedding Suits Ethnic Wedding Book Your Appointment
Ethnic wedding will require more attention to detail than any other. You must take into account the destination and the cultural significance of colors and fabrics of the traditional outfits while always complementing the bride's intricate looks.brics and designs that will add to the authenticity of the location.

The Right Wedding Suit For Your Special Day

Believe it when we say, as much as you are head over heels for your bride, we are head over heels for being a part of your wedding day story. They say that there’s a person made for everybody, and your wedding suit, should only be made for you as well. On your wedding day, your dream woman makes an honest man out of you, and your bespoke suit makes a dapper one out of you for the matter. Your wedding suit is not one that should be brushed aside; there’s only one kind of settling that we encourage, and it is settling down but never to settle for anything less than perfect for the biggest day and night of your life – you are the man of the hour after all.

A Family Wedding Affair

Ensuring you are looking alluring, your family members looking dashing, and your friends looking dapper just happens to be a few of our favourite things to do here at Collars & Cuffs. More than anything, we love it when we watch your entire support system walk into our store for the bespoke tailoring of their suits, making it our very own family affair that we love nothing but to adopt and be a part of. Each and every member gets the needed attention when it comes to their fitting, and their contributions to your unique love story is spoken in volumes of fabrics and techniques – we have a way amongst many in making that happen. Our suit concierge gives the man who has always been by your side all the support we can offer in making sure he is more than comfortable in his suit, that the only thing he will be feeling is how proud he is of the man he raised who is about to make the biggest commitment of his life. For all the guidance he has shown throughout the years, it is the least we can do that we give him just the needed amount of it to look his absolute finest. With bells and whistles, our team also makes sure your troop of loyal groomsmen have just the right amount of dapper to compliment yours. Through thick and thin, chances are your group of men have seen, first-hand, what makes you and your bride a match made in heaven, and we would like to hear about those stories that only they can attest to, while we perfect their suits alongside yours.

Customize Your Wedding Suit as a Complement to Your Love Story

No matter how timeless, experimental, or bold, you and your beautiful bride have picked the wedding theme to be, our vast fabric options and accessories from England, Italy, and the USA, will do everything but disappoint in complimenting it. Making that special day alongside your most special someone exceptional, is our specialty, and it is something we wholeheartedly enjoy sharing with you. We truly believe that your wedding suit, with all its details, should be a manifesto of a love story in a book of its own – one that you will feel the second you put on and relive all over again throughout the night. Just like the girl of your dreams became the one – in a seven billion, maybe at first sight, it is imperative that your bespoke wedding suit feels like the only one that does you and your love story justice.

The Groom Charm and Flair

Your poise on your wedding day is crafted with style, your dapperness is perfected with every stich, and your groom charm encapsulated with every detail. Our team of tailors and craftsmen solidify your entire wedding look in the most divine manner, and perfect it into a picture your wedding guests have only dreamed of seeing. See for yourself, just how much your look in a bespoke wedding suit made just for you is up to par, while adding to the glow of that stunning bride on your arms. With a cascade of ways and tactics to make it possible, being nothing short of a vision in a bespoke wedding suit saying your I do’s is a prerogative of yours, and a forte of ours.

made to measure wedding suits


What better way to express your gratitude for your best men then with bespoke suits that will add a sense of exclusivity to your wedding day? From fabrics, styles, and curated accessories, we’ll take care of all the finer details for you. Your suit concierge will employ his decades of experience to help you choose the perfect suits for your groomsmen to match the theme of your special day.

wedding suits for fathers


Honour the fathers on your wedding day with custom-made suits. At Collars & Cuffs, we know that no gift can properly express the adoration and respect you have for the men who shaped you into the people you are today, but a finely crafted bespoke suit will show them how thankful you are for their endless love and support.

bespoke wedding suits dubai


Offer you family and loved ones bespoke suits and custom accessories. Sophisticated cufflinks for fathers and monogrammed shirts made from the finest fabrics will make the men in your family stand out with style and grace.


How long does a custom wedding suit take to make?

You need to consider that a custom wedding suit will take 4-8 weeks for production (this includes the consultation, fittings and final delivery of the product). However, we at Collars and Cuffs can accommodate faster timelines subject to an additional express fee.

How much does a tailored wedding suit cost?

Our starting price for a bespoke wedding suit made with Italian woven 100% wool cloth is 3250 AED.

What is the best suit for a groom?

There is no best suit for the groom as there is no one look that fits all grooms. At Collars and Cuffs, we guide grooms to look the best they can while bringing out their personality. We normally don’t have our grooms wearing the same outfits as that is one of the advantages of having a custom suit vs a ready to wear one. We consider a groom’s personality, the event venue, time, decor, brides look in the recommendations we make.

When should a groom order a wedding suits?

Ideally a groom should have the wedding suit ready 15 days prior to the wedding if it’s in the UAE. Otherwise, 15 days before the flying out to the wedding venue. Considering the whole process takes 4-8 weeks. We would recommend starting the process 10 weeks prior to wedding date or date of travel.

How many shirts does the groom need for his wedding?

A groom needs two shirts for his wedding, ideally in the same design. This is because incase there are any mishaps at the wedding where a drink, food, or make up stain comes on to the shirt. It will also come in handy if the weather is warm or the event is long and the groom is sweating. Most grooms tend to feel hot in their suits due to the spotlights being on them. So having an additional shirt can come in handy.

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