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Bespoke tailors to men are what couture designers are to women; a bespoke jacket says a lot about who you are and what you stand for. Whether it is for glamourous dinners in Dubai, smart-casual looks, or pretty much any event that you need to look your finest for, fabric options from your favourite bespoke tailors, who make the most out of your appointment, are sure to suffice for your precise needs. The quality of the fabrics of our suit jackets, with multiple patterns and choices, are only the finest in Dubai. Our bespoke tailors ensure quality of suits in the most intricate added details, by hand, from buttons and down to the inventive designs of pockets. Offering top-notch service, our men and women work tirelessly to pair your suit jackets with the right shirts, trousers, and accessories.

When to Play the Bespoke Card

A well-tailored bespoke jacket can come in handy for gentlemen with certain sets of standards, and it can spruce things up a notch when it comes to any outfit of choice, and for any given event. Not only do our bespoke jackets offer comfort, versatility, and durability, but they portray you as easy on the eyes from how at ease you look, no matter whose head is turning. There are some functions that are not complete without a bespoke blazer. While a certain pair of your acquaintances are taking the plunge and tying the knot, embrace your own better half of a wool suit jacket and let it return the favour when you are the wedding guest. For that promising interview you’ve been waiting for, a bespoke navy, grey, or black jacket with a matching shirt will be right on the money, and you’ll be doing a lot more than just impressing. Dapper mode is on at every hour, but brunch hour requires a little more soigné out of you. It is when the day is bright and full of life when you’re more likely to be seen so clearly, and what better way to be seen than absolutely day-dashing in a light coloured blazer? A bespoke jacket will also treat you well for a date night with that special someone you keep gushing over, and do make sure your fabric choice is just the charming kind, and regarding the colour choice, pick the one that adds to her glow.


Bespoke Jacket With Your Character

Your compelling character can be boldly expressed by opting for the right hues of your jacket. Our team comprises just the right pairs of eyes to spot which colour of fabric agrees most with your complexion. Don’t shy away from patterns; a hint of design on the fabric you prefer plays a role in complimenting your silhouette. A little goes a long way, and it’s all about picking the right shapes and patterns that go hand in hand with your stylish charisma. If you’re coming in for bespoke tailoring, chances are you already know the kind of functions you’ll be attending gracing a bespoke jacket. Your choice of buttons, tiny but mighty, actually play a role in your composure. From a functional standpoint, buttons are meant to lock everything together, but little did you know that they also fasten all of you in the most composed manner. When it comes to pocket styles, you may be inclined to believe that pockets in your suit jacket go unseen, but that’s far from the truth. As details, they seamlessly take part in making up your entire look precisely flawless.

The Bespoke Team

The team of bespoke tailors at Collars & Cuffs, with their meticulous skill and craft and their tireless commitment, do everything in their power to solidify that the impression you make is a memorable one. The experience at Collars & Cuffs is not one that knows how to disappoint; from constructive advice on what fabric choice you should go for, to the choice of your accessories, to getting the structure of your body measured right on point, you are ensured to surpass not only the ordinary, but everyone else standing in your way of being in a class of your own.


Can you get a blazer tailored and what are the advantages of getting a tailored jacket vs a ready to wear jacket?

Yes, you can get a Blazer (Sports Coat) tailored to your size. The advantage of getting it tailored is that the fit of the jacket is very accurate. You can choose the style of the pockets, lapels, buttons, and so on. You can even choose the fabric according to which country or climate you will wear the sports coat or blazer in along with if you want it to be fully lined and a more formal or unlined and more casual. The unlined version of the blazer/sports coat will always be better for warmer weather since it’s more breathable and lighter in weight.

How do you know if a jacket fits?

There are multiple factors to consider when looking at the fit of the Jacket. 

  1. – The shoulders should fall clean on your shoulders and look good while being comfortable. 
  2. – The Jacket length should reach to your thumb knuckle and cover your backsid. The thumb knuckle rule applies to most people but not all since some people have long or shorter arms. 
  3. – The sleeve length should reach till the wrist so that the shirt cuff shows approximately 1cm below. 
  4. – The Lapels on the jacket should sit flat and close to the chest, rather than lifting. Lapel lifting is very common and is one of the easiest errors to catch. 
  5. – The jacket should not be tight but it should have a good shape that flatters your physique.

How much does a custom blazer cost?

A bespoke Italian wool blazer starts at  2,415 AED, and one made with a combination fabric of wool, silk & linen starts at  3,200 AED.

Is a wool blazer good?

Yes a wool blazer is good depending on the weight of the wool and fitness of the wool. These factors play a big role in where you will wear the blazer and in what climate you will wear it.

What Do Customers Say About Us

Dmitry Berg
Dmitry Berg
Fantastic. I already have 3 suits from them. My personal recommendation
Abdulla Hisham
Abdulla Hisham
Great owner, excellent Master, amazing staff such as Faizan and Roshan. Overall, the best quality fit to size. Wishing them all the best always.
Salaam Al-Shaksy
Salaam Al-Shaksy
I was impressed with the variety of fabric options offered, pricing, very thorough fitting sessions and great overall service and customer experience- resulting in my case, the delivery of high quality bespoke blazers, trousers, shirts, chinos and even jeans!
Ashwin Devineni
Ashwin Devineni
Fantastic tailoring, and great service !!
Shane Sullivan
Shane Sullivan
Had a suit made for my wedding and was very pleased with the process from start to finish. Always very courteous and helpful. Top notch
Muhammed Kocak
Muhammed Kocak
Excellent service from Roshan and his team. Got my bespoke suite altered and 2 new bespoke shirts with perfect fit and finish. They also managed to accomodate my request to deliver them in relatively short time than what it would require. Definetely will come back. Thank you for amazing service...
Mustafa Aljundi
Mustafa Aljundi
Excellent experience - very professional and attentive.
Mohammad Othman
Mohammad Othman
Pleasant experience, detailed fittings, professional staff and left as a satisfied customer.

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