bespoke menswear


The C&C garment is the pinnacle of men’s tailoring as an art, reflecting the highest level of sartorial excellence.



You can’t go wrong with a custom-made, bespoke suit that complements your life and personal style.

  • Fabrics from Marzoni, Scabal, Loro Piana, Guabello, Zignone, Huddersfield, and Cerutti
  • Highest-quality, concierge custom suits
  • Over 5,000 fabrics and styles as well as a wide array of colours, and accessories to choose from
  • Suits for every occasion with styles that redefine the classics and surpass them


No outfit or bespoke, custom-made suit is complete without a matching shirt, and at Collars & Cuffs, we have you covered for all your casual and formal needs.

  • Hand-stitched with luxury accessories
  • Crafted from the finest Italian and English fabrics
  • A wealth of designs and styles for every mood
  • Highest-quality finishing by our skilled craftsmen
  • Exclusive tailoring, with a choice of styling options that include Mother of Pearl buttons and monogrammed initials.
bespoke troussers


Let our tailored trousers complete the look for you, whether you are heading out on a casual evening or looking to impress with a smart blazer.

  • Half- and full-lined trousers tailored from distinct luxury and blended fabrics for the discerning man
  • Hand-stitched for a sharp, distinguished look
  • Canvas interlining for added support
  • Feature our signature split waistband
  • Heel protectors support added to all trousers to prevent the bottom from getting undone
The History of the Tuxedo


Let our concierges tailor a tuxedo for you with a unique finish and look that will help you make a statement.

  • We cover the full range of white- and black-tie tuxedos
  • Blended fabrics with a choice of colour, satin placement on jackets, and more
  • A wide range of accessories and satin-coated buttons to choose from


From dinner, smart, and sports jackets to casual blazers, our prerogative is to satisfy your precise needs.

  • Hand-sewn and custom made for a perfect fit
  • A variety of patterns to pick from to match your needs
  • A choice of lined, half-lined, and unlined jackets.
bespoke overcoats


A symbol of class and success, a well-tailored overcoat sends all the right messages by adding a polished look to your attire.

  • A range of options, covering classic, topcoats, and more
  • Your choice of material with velvet or suede collars
  • Hand-sewn and crafted to provide structure and weight
  • Customisable size and number of pockets
handmade shoes


Your bespoke look isn’t finished until you slip into a pair of custom-made leather shoes.

  • Meticulously crafted leveraging more than 150 processes to ensure perfection.
  • Made using the traditional Goodyear system – the most preferred method for producing quality shoes
  • Made from the world’s finest French and Italian leather and materials and available in a variety of colors and designs.
  • Handcrafted style to fit your needs but also your personal tastes.
accessories for bespoke menswear


A finely stitched, bespoke suit will take you a long way, especially when complemented by the right accessories.

Weekender bags


As a leading name in bespoke tailoring and custom-made suits in Dubai, we provide our esteemed clientele with luxury accessories to further enhance their experience, including a range of leather accessories — suit bags, wallets, card holders, cigar cases, and more.

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