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Welcome to the world of Collars & Cuffs, where magic lies in the minutiae. Our pocket squares are not just accessories; they are symbols of sophistication, crafted exclusively from premium Italian silk. Every piece, handmade and procured from Italy, brings a unique elegance to your Collars & Cuffs custom-tailored look.

At Collars & Cuffs, each client’s journey is a fresh canvas for our artistic expression. We dedicate ourselves to every nuance, ensuring that your expectations are not just met, but transcended. From your initial encounter with our dedicated concierge to the moment you don your exquisite silk creations, our commitment to excellence, passion, and meticulous attention to detail is unwavering. Experience the distinctiveness of the C&C touch, where each interaction is as unique and sophisticated as our accessories.

Exquisite Designs: Elegance in Every Accessory

Our pocket square collection is built on a foundation of premium materials, showcasing an array of 100% silk, each piece a testament to Italian craftsmanship. We see these accessories as more than just fabric; they represent a symphony of texture, quality, and design. Our relentless dedication to sourcing the finest silk underpins our belief that true luxury emerges from unparalleled quality. Each pocket square is carefully selected to ensure it is not just an accessory, but a tangible symbol of elegance and sophistication.

Exclusively Yours

At Collars & Cuffs, we see pocket squares as personal style extensions, not just accessories. Our collection offers handcrafted designs, bespoke monograms, and diverse styles, ensuring uniqueness for every wearer. From classic white to modern prints, our pocket squares cater to various preferences. Crafted for formal events or special occasions like weddings, they add a personalized touch to your style.

Wedding Pocket Squares: Elevating Celebratory Elegance

Weddings call for impeccable attire, and at Collars & Cuffs, our wedding pocket squares are the epitome of class and elegance. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these handcrafted pieces are more than just accessories; they are essential elements that elevate your wedding ensemble’s grandeur. Each pocket square is thoughtfully designed to complement your wedding’s theme and color scheme, ensuring a flawless match with your suit or tuxedo. They are not just additions but integral parts of your attire, enhancing the overall elegance of your special day.

Folding Techniques: Mastering the Art of the Elegant Fold

The art of folding a pocket square is integral to defining your sartorial elegance. At Collars & Cuffs, we not only offer guidance on a range of folding techniques but also inspire you to experiment with them. From the timeless sophistication of the classic presidential fold to the intricate and artistic impressions of more elaborate designs, each fold we introduce is a chance to elevate your style quotient.

The Presidential Fold: A timeless classic, this fold offers a clean, straight line across the top of the pocket, epitomizing sophistication and simplicity.
The Golden Crown Fold: An exclusive and regal design, this fold creates a crown-like appearance, adding a touch of majesty to your attire, ideal for grand events.
The Golden Wave Fold: A dynamic and contemporary choice, this fold mimics a wave effect, perfect for adding a modern twist to traditional formal wear.
The Puff Fold: Effortlessly elegant, the puff fold brings a touch of casual flair to your pocket square, ideal for semi-formal or business casual settings.
The Three-Point Fold: For those seeking an intricate and striking look, this fold presents three distinct points, offering depth and texture to your ensemble.
The Rose Fold: Romantic and artistic, this fold resembles a blooming rose, perfect for weddings and romantic occasions, adding a poetic element to your outfit.

Each folding style we offer is a unique way to express your personal fashion sense and add a distinguished touch to your formal attire. Whether you’re aiming for understated elegance or a bold statement, these folding techniques are designed to elevate your style to new heights.

Luxury Within Reach Collars & Cuffs

At Collars & Cuffs, we blend exceptional luxury with accessibility. Our pricing reflects a commitment to offering bespoke elegance at an attainable cost. Each of our pocket squares is a masterpiece of style, crafted from 100% Italian silk, embodying unmatched value and handcrafted quality.
More than mere accessories, our pocket squares are symbols of individuality and sophistication. These handcrafted pieces, with their intricate designs, go beyond the realm of fabric. They are the defining touches that enhance your look and showcase your unique personality. We welcome you to the world of bespoke fashion at Collars & Cuffs, where selecting a pocket square is not just choosing an accessory, but making a personal style statement, poised to leave a lasting impression at any event.


How much should a pocket square cost?

At Collars and Cuffs, we believe in providing luxury within reach. A high-quality pocket square, reflecting bespoke fashion and craftsmanship, typically ranges between 75 AED for card pocket squares to up to 295 AED for premium printed silk designs. We ensure each piece offers value, balancing premium quality with accessible pricing.

Which type of pocket square is best?

The ideal pocket square complements both your personal style and the occasion. Our collection includes various materials like silk, linen and cotton, with options ranging from sophisticated solid colors to intricate patterns. Silk pocket squares are a popular choice for their versatility and elegance.

Is it OK to not have a pocket square?

While a pocket square elevates formal attire, its absence can suit more casual or modern ensembles. At Collars and Cuffs, we advocate for personal expression – if a pocket square aligns with your style and the event’s tone, it’s a splendid addition; if not, it’s perfectly fine to go without.

What is the alternative to a pocket square?

For those seeking alternatives, lapel flowers or pins can serve as stylish substitutes. These accessories provide a touch of sophistication, similar to pocket squares, and are suitable for various occasions.

How do you fold a pocket square in 2024?

The art of folding a pocket square remains timeless. Popular styles like the Presidential, Puff, and Three-Point folds continue to be in vogue. Our exclusive Golden Crown and Golden Wave folds offer unique and stylish options to stand out in any gathering.

What is the most formal pocket square?

In the realm of formal attire, a white silk or finely woven linen pocket square reigns supreme. It’s often best showcased with a classic fold, like the Presidential, signifying elegance and formality, especially at black-tie events.

How do I know what pocket square to wear?

Selecting the right pocket square involves considering the event’s formality, your outfit, and personal style. For formal events, opt for silk in muted tones or classic white. For less formal settings, feel free to experiment with bolder colors and patterns. The key is to complement and not exactly match your tie or shirt, allowing your pocket square to subtly enhance your overall look.

What Do Customers Say About Us

Dmitry Berg
Dmitry Berg
Fantastic. I already have 3 suits from them. My personal recommendation
Abdulla Hisham
Abdulla Hisham
Great owner, excellent Master, amazing staff such as Faizan and Roshan. Overall, the best quality fit to size. Wishing them all the best always.
Salaam Al-Shaksy
Salaam Al-Shaksy
I was impressed with the variety of fabric options offered, pricing, very thorough fitting sessions and great overall service and customer experience- resulting in my case, the delivery of high quality bespoke blazers, trousers, shirts, chinos and even jeans!
Ashwin Devineni
Ashwin Devineni
Fantastic tailoring, and great service !!
Shane Sullivan
Shane Sullivan
Had a suit made for my wedding and was very pleased with the process from start to finish. Always very courteous and helpful. Top notch
Muhammed Kocak
Muhammed Kocak
Excellent service from Roshan and his team. Got my bespoke suite altered and 2 new bespoke shirts with perfect fit and finish. They also managed to accomodate my request to deliver them in relatively short time than what it would require. Definetely will come back. Thank you for amazing service...
Mustafa Aljundi
Mustafa Aljundi
Excellent experience - very professional and attentive.
Mohammad Othman
Mohammad Othman
Pleasant experience, detailed fittings, professional staff and left as a satisfied customer.

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