1. Why should I buy a bespoke suit, instead of an off-the-rack (OTR) suit?

A bespoke suit is made of unique patterns tailor-made as per customer measurements. The OTR suit on the other hand is made in standard sizes with scope of minor changes if needed for better fit.

Advantages of bespoke:

The fitting of the suits is highly accurate. (90% of body sizes and shape aren’t identical or symmetrical). A bespoke suit can be made for all body shapes and sizes and will help you hide the subtle imperfections in your shape and posture thereby giving you a more flattering look. You have the freedom to choose the fabric, the quality, and colours while when you buy OTR your choices are limited. You also have complete freedom on customising options with regards to the style of the suit. This means you can choose where you want the trousers to start from, high medium or low and can also adjust the width, style, and shape of the lapels, pockets, and other parts.

2. What is the difference between bespoke and made to measure?

Bespoke is when the garment is custom-made from scratch with unique pattern as per the choice of the client while the made to measure garment is the modification of an existing pattern. Both take similar time to prepare, while the bespoke has a higher level of accuracy. Bespoke has unlimited styling options. Made to measure on the other hand has limited options depending on the brand and how many existing pattern the brand has on the file.

3. How are you different from other bespoke tailors?

Our quality of tailoring, the fitting that provide, the variety of the fabrics, the overall customer experience, the customisable options of appointments with our stylist, that we offer along with a guaranteed satisfaction makes us special and better than other tailors.

4. Do you tailor for women, too?

Currently, we do not.

5. What can I expect during a consultation?

We understand the client, give relevant suggestions, choose clothes for them, style for them – step by step, take accurate measurements, and then also arrange for payment, along with fixing trials and delivery dates.

6. Will I be able to customize various elements of my suit or shirt?

Yes, we welcome customisations. Our stylists take you through the process and design the garment with you.

7. Will you be able to replicate the image of a style that I like?

Yes, we can. 

8. What are the payment terms?

We take 100% upfront payments because once we cut the fabric as per your measurements we cannot use it for anything else.

9. Should I make an appointment before every visit?

Yes, taking appointment is a must, if you don’t want to wait. We always give priority to appointments over walk-ins and each appointment ranges from 30-90 mins.

10. What is your pricing?

Every garment pricing is unique as it highly depends on the fabric selection. Typically our bespoke suits start at 3,200 AED, our bespoke shirts start at 450 AED and our bespoke trousers at 895 AED.

11. What is the turnaround time on any C&C garment?

It depends on the garment.

For 2 or 3-piece suit: When stitching a suit, there are many factors that affect the timeline. It depends if the fabrics are in Dubai or they have to be ordered from the UK or Italy. It will depend on if you are a new client or have already made a bespoke suit with us in the past. Last, we have two options for the suits, one is partially hand stitched which doesn’t take as long as a full handmade/hand stitched suit. We normally take three weeks for a suit. However, we do offer an express service where the suit is made on priority basis, depending on availability.

Shirts: When stitching a shirt, we need 10 days depending on the fabric if it is in store or needs to be ordered from Italy. Another factor that affects the timeline is if the client has made a shirt with us in the past because if we already have their pattern we don’t require a fitting unless the shirt model is completely different or their body size or shape has changed. We do offer an express service depending on availability.

12. What fabrics do you use?

We have over 5000 fabrics to choose from in various different qualities. For our shirts, we have 100% cotton which starts from 100-2ply to 300-3ply (quality and fineness of the cotton), 300-3ply is the finest cotton being produced by just a handful off mills in the world. We also have a wide range of linen fabrics starting from 60Lee going unto 110Lea. 110Lea being one of the finest linen fabrics being produced around the world. We have various unique blends when it comes to shirt fabric including, Cotton Stretch, Cotton linen, Cashmere cotton, silk mixes and many more.

13. What fabrics are used?

When it comes to suiting fabrics, 100% wool is the most popular fabric used. When people think of wool, they think that the fabric will make them warm and isn’t suitable for the climate in Dubai. This is a misconception and there are many types of wools, which come in many different weights.

For summer suits, we have 100% merino wool that weighs as low as 220 grams per square meter aka GSM. We also have heavier wools for suits to be worn in cooler climates, as heavy 550 GSM, which we use for Overcoats (trench coats).
When it comes to wool we are very careful on which manufactures we work with, we only source our wool from Italy, England, and Belgium. The starting (lowest count) we use is super 100s going up to super 250s (this is one of the finest and rarest wool quality in the world). We also have a lot of interesting fabrics for blazers like 100 silk, wool silk, linen mix, wool and silk mix, and so on. We have one of the finest cotton fabrics for jackets, trousers, and shorts and we also have cotton stretch for the people who want a slim fit while maintaining the comfort of the garment.

We have 100% linen which is really good for the summers, we have linen in different weights, depending on the look the you are going for. The lightest linen is usually used for shorts.

14. What type of garments do you make?

We make suits, shirts, waistcoats/vests, blazers, trousers, chinos, short, overcoats, and bowties. Our expert advisors help you choose a garment and style that’s perfect and unique, to match your personality.

15. How are C&C suits created?

The C&C suit is handmade. Once your measurements are taken, a master tailor draws and records your individual pattern. From there, our team will hand cut and sew your pattern with custom canvassing from Italy designed specifically for the type of garment. Be it a 7-layer canvas for a traditional English jacket, or a lightweight 3 layer canvas in a Neapolitan jacket – each stitch is carefully hand delivered.

16. Can I rush my order?

Yes, we offer the option of express service, but it is subject to availability.

17. Do you offer discounts for groups or weddings?

We offer packages for groups and weddings. Know more on our weddings tab.

18. Where are your suits and garments made?

All C&C Garments are made locally in Dubai, in our in-house production facility. This is the reason we are able to maintain our quality and standards and deliver within the timeline that we promise to our customers. Our tailors are experienced and are all happy with the work conditions and the quality of materials and machinery. These are all key factors that help us ensure the best quality products for our valued clients.

19. Can I schedule a fitting if I’m not in Dubai?

You can schedule an appointment for from anywhere in the world, but we would require at least one in-person appointment in order to accurately prepare your garment. Once your pattern is perfected you can easily pick your fabrics and order additional garments from anywhere in the world. A lot of our customers have done that and many of them do not live in Dubai anymore. You can reach us via WhatsApp, email, or call.

Whatapp: +971554974342
Phone: +9714 3337848

20. Can I use measurements taken by my own tailor?

At Collars and Cuffs, we don’t use outside measurement as a practice. We can’t take the responsibility of measurements taken by someone else as it can affect the fit and quality. We have a unique 30 measurements profile for each client that helps us ensure that best fit for each garment. 

21. Can I base my measurements on a favorite suit that I own?

We are happy to look at your favorite suit so we can understand what you like, however we do not replicate a garment 100% because we have a unique cut and tailoring process that allows our client to get a higher standard of comfort and appearance. When looking at a suit from a tailors’ (expert) perspective we normally find ways to improve on your favorite suit when creating one for you.

22. Can I supply you my own fabrics?

With unlimited fabrics selections in all price ranges, qualities, and colours we know that you do not require to buy any outside fabrics. We do not accept outside fabrics because we cannot verify its authenticity and it can compromise the quality standards we uphold.

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