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No outfit in the charming city of Dubai, suit or not, is complete without a matching custom-made shirt designed to suit the likes of you. At Collars & Cuffs, we have men of style and good taste in clothes covered for all their casual and formal needs that appeal to Dubai’s graceful quality of life. There’s only one way a bespoke shirt can go, and it’s anywhere but the wrong direction. A great shirt made just for you, for your body type, and with the guidance of our professional tailors and your fine taste in timeless style, truly goes a long way.

The Bespoke Shirts Process

Our bespoke shirts are all hand-stitched to perfection after a thorough process of fittings that guarantee pieces that seamlessly complement your body. We bring you the finest and most divine Italian and English fabrics to Dubai, that will certainly complement your look of any kind. With your exquisite taste in fabrics and our variety of colours and patterns we have to offer, you are set to exuberate luxury and confidence. Collars & Cuffs proudly houses the most skilled tailors and craftsmen in Dubai who hold an unmatched attention to detail, and who stop at nothing to provide only the finest and highest quality of finishing down to every stitch.

The Bespoke Promise

When compared to shirts available off-the-rack, a bespoke piece speaks volumes in terms of details and specifications tailored to your body. Ready-to-wear items are often limited with styles and colours, and tend to impose a restriction of the style potential you could actually carry yourself with. Needless to say, pieces like that are made with standardised sizes and for the most common body types. Not to mention of course, the fact that if you were to get some alterations done is another hassle on its own, and most of the time, you can only do so much. This is especially applicable when you have a less standardised body type, it tends to be much more efficient to start from scratch than to take a piece apart. The reason as to why bespoke shirts are usually preferred by gentlemen who are considered well-dressed is because the piece in itself not only is a reflection of majestic character, but also made to only compliment one person.

Fine & Refined

Whether you’re going to a candle-light dinner, a smart-casual day in the office, or on a stroll down your favourite lane, you can rest assured that there’s only one of you out there. With a well-tailored bespoke shirt, your entire look will be – right on the button – polished. When you almost thought it couldn’t get any better than this, we house just the right accessories that are designed to make the best out of every piece for men like you. You can customise your dress shirts even further with the mother-of-pearl buttons or even have your initials monogrammed. We’ll do all the heavy lifting, but it begins with you and ends with you; a bespoke item from Collars & Cuffs is signed by your refined and cultivated persona – in bold.

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