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When you step into a pair of bespoke shoes, you are stepping into centuries of fine craftsmanship. Whether you are heading to an important meeting or to a formal event, the right pair of shoes effortlessly adds the finishing touch to your entire look. At Collars & Cuffs, we recognize that your bespoke look isn’t finished until you slip into a pair of leather shoes. We’re proud to partner with TLB to create stunning and comfortable handcrafted men’s footwear.

It Starts with the Perfect Fit

The shoe-making process begins with ensuring the perfect fit. During the appointment, our in-house consultant analyzes the client’s foot and using precise measurements, the shoe-artisans will sculpt the contour of your foot by hand to ensure your shoes fit perfectly. Using the goodyear welting process, our shoes are double stitched by hand to join the leather, insole and outer sole. This time honored process ensures superior durability, outstanding comfort, and insulation which gradually moulds itself to adapt to the shape of each foot.

With every detail taken into consideration, the artists begin the time-honored process of turning naturally sourced materials into objects of ultimate refinement. Designed for comfort and style, our shoes are crafted from the world’s finest leather and materials in a style that not only fits your needs but also your personal tastes.

Meticulously Sourced Materials

Leveraging our long-established relationships with distinguished tanneries across the world, we select our materials from the finest leathers on the market. Our brand partners at TLB work exclusively with leather tanned using traditional methods, primarily calfskin obtained from the finest French and Italian tanneries. Upon inspection, any imperfections are marked and the leather is rejected for use in TLB Mallorca’s production processes.

Leather Shoes

At the heart of the shoe-making process lies the relationship between the client and artisans who serve at every stage of the shoe-making process to make their wishes a reality. Leveraging our partnership with TLB, our shoe artisans take pride in merging the lineage of unrivaled skill and craftsmanship with modern innovation, ushering the spirit of bespoke into the modern age for your pleasure and enjoyment. The TLB production system is carried out by a team of skilled artisans who meticulously craft each pair of shoes according to more than 150 processes to ensure perfection.

We take pride in preserving the rich heritage of tradition and craftsmanship. Once finished and presented to you, you’ll instantly understand that each pair of our leather shoes is the embodiment of generations of legacy, gestures, techniques, and celebrations of devotion to the craftsmanship of the artisans.

In addition to our shoe offerings, we also carry their famous collection of ready-to-wear leather shoes in various sizes. Our in-house offering of over 25 unique styles is designed and crafted by the skilled artisans of TLB and are held to the same intricate design process as our bespoke offerings.

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What’s special about customized shoes?

The following factors make customized shoes special: 

  • – You can choose the shoe style
  • – You can choose the type of leather for the shoe
  • – You can choose the exact tone & color of the shoe.
  • – You can choose the exact size of the shoe in terms of the length and width. For example size 10.5 and Width EE

How long does a customized pair of shoes last?

A well made and well maintained pair of shoes should last the owner over 10 years, however there are some care instructions one must follow.

How much does a pair of shoes cost?

Our shoes range from 1,545 AED to 2,600 AED.

How to care for a shoes so it lasts longer?

You can do the following in order to care for your shoes and ensure it lasts longer:
– Polish your shoes routinely
– Replace the soles once they wear down
– Change the laces when needed

What Do Customers Say About Us

Dmitry Berg
Dmitry Berg
Fantastic. I already have 3 suits from them. My personal recommendation
Abdulla Hisham
Abdulla Hisham
Great owner, excellent Master, amazing staff such as Faizan and Roshan. Overall, the best quality fit to size. Wishing them all the best always.
Salaam Al-Shaksy
Salaam Al-Shaksy
I was impressed with the variety of fabric options offered, pricing, very thorough fitting sessions and great overall service and customer experience- resulting in my case, the delivery of high quality bespoke blazers, trousers, shirts, chinos and even jeans!
Ashwin Devineni
Ashwin Devineni
Fantastic tailoring, and great service !!
Shane Sullivan
Shane Sullivan
Had a suit made for my wedding and was very pleased with the process from start to finish. Always very courteous and helpful. Top notch
Muhammed Kocak
Muhammed Kocak
Excellent service from Roshan and his team. Got my bespoke suite altered and 2 new bespoke shirts with perfect fit and finish. They also managed to accomodate my request to deliver them in relatively short time than what it would require. Definetely will come back. Thank you for amazing service...
Mustafa Aljundi
Mustafa Aljundi
Excellent experience - very professional and attentive.
Mohammad Othman
Mohammad Othman
Pleasant experience, detailed fittings, professional staff and left as a satisfied customer.

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