How to Wear a Suit in Hot Weather

How to Wear a Suit in Hot Weather

31 May 2022

This article has been researched and written by Ariana Amarnani. AI has not been used in producing this article.

Regardless of where you may reside in the MENA area, one thing is for sure: the temperatures can get hot especially in the summer. Whether you’re rocking a suit for your next big meeting or are getting ready to attend a warm weather wedding, it can be difficult to pull off a dapper summer look if you’re a sweaty hot mess from the heat and humidity.

Not to fret! The professionals at Collars & Cuffs have put together a few tips to help you stay cool and look your best in your bespoke suit this summer.

Pay attention to your jacket lining

Most people don’t think about their jacket lining. But it’s an essential component for an expertly crafted bespoke suit. The lining in a jacket is the extra fabric between the outer layer of the jacket and your body. This lining adds definition to the fit of the jacket. Most suit jackets are fully lined, but the bespoke jacket allows you to consider the option of a half-lined suit jacket. Half-lined jackets are breathable and comfortable for hotter days, but also provide structure in the upper area of the jacket for a defined look. Best of all, no one will be able to tell the difference, but you’ll definitely notice it on a hot day.

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Choosing the right fabric

There are so many fabrics available for your bespoke suit. However, not all fabrics are best for when the temperatures rise. Linen, cotton, and lightweight wool materials provide great natural options for a cool and breathable fabric that works well for hot days.

Linen suits are ideal for the hot summer months, as they are extremely thin and breathable. A natural fabric, linen suits are very comfortable to wear. Although cotton suits are a bit thicker than their linen cousins, cotton is also a natural material that’s not as prone to wrinkling as linen. Another warm weather fabric, wool is ideal for higher temperatures. Naturally absorbent and breathable, it’s ideal for events that may start during the warmer part of the day but last into the cooler nights.


  • – Exceptionally soft and gentle on your skin due to it’s thin fine strands of fabric
  • – Extremely lightweight, wool weighs less than other fabrics
  • – Highly versatile for changes in temperature
  • – Excellent for a variety of solid-coloured and patterned suits alike



  • – Ideal for hot climates, linen is extremely breathable and the low thread count makes it cooler for warm months
  • – One of the strongest natural fibers
  • – Lightweight and comfortable, the hollow fibers allow more airflow compared to other materials
  • – Perfect for informal and warm-weather events



  • – Highly versatile for casual occasions and different body types
  • – Comfortably soft, moves, and breathes well but are more prone to creasing than wool
  • – Flexible material makes cotton ideal for all body types
  • – Excellent for solid-coloured and patterned suits alike


There are also many blended summer fabrics available. Suits made from a combination of linen and wool, cotton and woot, or cotton and lined are extremely breathable and comfortable. These versatile natural fabrics are ideal for summer weather and warmer climates.

Selecting the right colours

Not only is it essential to select the right colour to accentuate your look, it’s also important to choose the right colour for the temperature. The rule is pretty straightforward: the darker the colour of the suit, the hotter you will feel. The darker the colour of the fabric, the more heat it will absorb. For hotter temperatures, choose lighter colours (such as off white, tan, light blue, light grey).

Depending on the type of event, you can even choose bold colours to make a statement (such as salmon, light yellow, or mint green). However, for black tie and other formal events you may be limited in your colour choice (as black and navy blues are the general requirement). In this case, be sure to defer to fabric choice for warmer temperatures.

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Wear the right shirt

As with your suit, the right material is essential for your suit shirt. Long sleeved suit shirts crafted from linen and 100% cotton will breathe easily, which will make you feel more comfortable during your event. Even though both cotton and linen wrinkle, your suit jacket will keep most of the wrinkles from becoming visible.

Add layers

Wait? Layering in the summer months? We must be crazy! The fact is, regardless of when you wear your suit, you’re going to sweat. In the summer months, you’re going to sweat a lot. We suggest layering a quality, short sleeved undershirt beneath your long sleeved suit shirt. A quality undershirt will absorb your sweat and help you feel more comfortable in your suit when the temperatures rise.

Pay attention to your shoes

In the summer your feet can get pretty sweaty and even smelly. You need to choose your footwear carefully! For more casual events, you can pair your summer suit with a pair of comfortable loafers. A versatile shoe, you can choose a leather or suede option and they can be worn with no-show socks. If you are really looking to elevate things, consider finishing your look with a pair of custom shoes.
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Stay hydrated

Water is essential, especially when the temperatures begin to rise. Be sure to drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated and your body temperature down. This will help control your sweating and make you feel more comfortable as the day progresses.

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