how to dress for an interview

Dress for Success on your Interview: Make an Impactful First Impression!

03 Sep 2020

This article has been researched and written by Samrat Amarnani. AI has not been used in producing this article.

In today’s fast-paced and uncertain world, the job market is growing increasingly competitive. It is, therefore, more important than ever to dress to impress while you interview for your dream job.

Anyone who sees you for the first time forms an opinion of you within the opening seconds. This fact proves the importance of presenting yourself in the best light to make an unforgettable first impression.

So, if you have an interview planned in the near future, here are some essential style tips on how to dress for it:

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Corporate Role: If your field of work is in law or finance, you can never go wrong with navy or charcoal grey tailored C&C suit with a crisp white shirt and a classic tie to do the trick. The suit can be plain, textured or even slightly patterned like an understated check. Avoid a black suit as it may not be apt as interview attire as well as a striped suit as it may exude authority and therefore be less appropriate for your role. To complement your look further, stick to matching black or brown elegant leather accessories with the suit and make sure your watch and cologne are subtle but defining, helping you to make a positive impact.

Creative Role: If you are going to an interview in the creative or communications field, you can pull off a less formal look. Try a smart casual outfit that reflects your creativity and style, yet complements the environment and culture of the respective workplace. Choose unique blazers and bepoke trousers and combine them well with stylish accessories like pocket squares or vintage glasses. A catchy look that speaks for your talent but doesn’t overlook the subtlety of the corporate environment would make you stand out as the creative person you are.

Dress for Success on your Interview: Make an Impactful First Impression!

Executive Role: If you are being head-hunted for an executive-level position, aim for a crisp and smart appearance that proves you mean business. Tailored suits are your saviours in this situation. Choose a suit style that represents you, exemplifies your strengths, and emits a positive leadership vibe. We would recommend a three piece suit in a timeless design such as a navy chalk-stripe. Subtle, unique touches such as a double Windsor knot silk tie and French cuffs with classic cufflinks can help elevate your look. A word of advice? Avoid over-accessorising and let the fit, fabric, and design of your clothes work for you.

The Perfect Fit: Dressing for your shape and seeking out a skilled tailor is essential because even if you hit on the ideal colour combination and accessories, your clothes will not work for you if they don’t fit properly. Poorly fitted clothes can look lazy, slapdash and unflattering, which you want to avoid if you are making an all-important first impression.

Dress for Success on your Interview: Make an Impactful First Impression!

Everything Counts: Don’t forget that your grooming, body language and verbal communication are even more important than what you wear. Always present yourself in a neat and well-groomed manner with tidy hair, understated cologne and well-polished shoes. Smile genuinely, make eye contact, listen, and stand up straight. Speak clearly and attentively in a friendly tone of voice, ask questions and be polite. Without these skills, you will never be fully dressed.

First impressions last the longes:Failing to make a good first impression is hard to correct. A favourable first impression can open doors, improve your life and help you create meaningful connections with people. This all starts with your opinion of yourself as the right clothes can make you feel like a million dollars, and help you land your dream job.

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