how to tie a windsor knot

The Windsor Knot Video Guide

15 Jul 2021

Welcome back to Sam’s Guide to Looking Dapper. In today’s episode, I’m going to show you how to tie my favorite knot, the Windsor knot. This knot is not only going to enhance your look, but it’s also going to make your face look slimmer. So let’s get started!


The Windsor Knot

So firstly, we take the shortest side and the longest side in each of our hands. The shortest side, which is the narrow side, should be between the fourth and the fifth button of the shirt.

The longer side will go over the shorter side and will come from inside out on the right side to create the first shoulder. This will then go around from the back and come on top from the other side to create the second shoulder.

Now we want to cover these two shoulders from the front of the knot, and we want to bring it from inside, put it inside this – front side of the knot to make it look perfect.

We adjust to your neck size and then you can keep adjusting until the tie is long enough and it’s looking perfect on your shirt collar. There you go.

        how to tie a windsor knot

I hope you found this helpful. Until next time, dress well and stay tuned.

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