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What isBespoke Tailoring?

04 Mar 2021

Living in the age of ready-to-wear and off-the-rack options, many consumers are left wondering how they can get the perfect fit for their suit or jacket. The answer can be found in bespoke tailoring.

What does Bespoke Tailoring Mean?

True bespoke tailoring is the pinnacle of men’s attire. To be a proper bespoke garment, the piece must be made with the highest level of quality in regard to materials, construction, and skilled craftsmanship. True bespoke tailoring uses a pattern that is individually created every time a garment is made by a skilled cutter.

During the fitting for a bespoke garment, your master tailor will take upwards of 40 measurements to ensure the perfect fit to accentuate your features and hide your flaws. From your measurements, your tailor will construct a pattern that is used as the framework for each of the various sections of the garment during construction.

Customized Fit with One-of-a-Kind Results

Authentic bespoke tailoring produces a marvel of quality and craftsmanship. Requiring up to 50 hours from start to finish, a fully bespoke suit is handmade and will take 2-3 weeks at minimum to complete. During this time, the client will be invited for fittings where he will try on the suit while it’s being made.

Unlike off-the-rack and made-to-measure designs, which are prefabricated using general measurements, bespoke tailoring is designed to create custom items, made from scratch, just for you. Whether you require a bespoke shirt, jacket, or suit, no fabric is cut until you’ve been measured. This allows you to personally manage the process to ensure your design is exactly what you want. From the style and materials to the stitch, buttons, and monogramming, bespoke tailoring ensures a custom-design to perfectly accentuate your physical features while hiding any imperfections.

Benefits of bespoke tailoring include:

● A guaranteed perfect fit for the client.
● Only uses the finest fabrics available including pure wool, cotton, and linen.
● Superior and unparalleled craftsmanship with experienced master tailors.
● 100% customizable and unique to your tastes and preferences.
● Supports sustainability and the ethical production of garments.

what is bespoke tailoring

Why Choose Collars & Cuffs for Your Next Suit

Bespoke tailoring is about more than clothes, it’s a way of life. It’s about cultivating an experience that celebrates the very best that can be made and the best that money can buy.

At Collars & Cuffs, we are honored to keep the bespoke tailoring tradition alive and well. Our Six-Step Experience is designed to ensure that not only is your bespoke garment of the highest quality but that your experience is one to remember.

The Collars & Cuffs bespoke tailoring experience starts with meeting your personal concierge. After you explain your specific needs, personal tastes, and style preferences. Next, you will select your design and fabric, choosing from over 5,000 fine Italian and English fabrics and style options that range from the type of collar to the number of pockets. You can even customize the lining, the cut, and accompaniments that would define your ensemble. Every inch of your tailored suit is inspired by you. After taking your measurements, your bespoke tailor will begin to construct your suit or garment.

As your garment is crafted, you may be required to participate in another fitting or two. During this time, your concierge will offer you their final styling suggestions. They will also make any additional adjustments you may require. Once the bespoke design is finished, it will be delivered to you directly, complete with care instructions to ensure a long life for your garment. Rarely does a finished suit require any alterations, but if you desire a tighter fit or a cuff tucked further, your concierge will make the modifications for you. As far as we’re concerned, our work isn’t finished until you are completely satisfied.

Collars & Cuffs

At Collars & Cuffs, we take pride in combining decades of craftsmanship with a truly authentic and immersive experience. Designed and created by master tailors with over twenty years of experience, our bespoke suits are entirely customizable to your personal taste, body, style, and personality.

Every bespoke piece we design and craft reflects our legacy to design and craft the highest quality tailoring imaginable. The result is an impeccable, truly one-of-a-kind design. For your safety and convenience, we offer both on-site consultations by appointment or a traveling tailor service where we attend to all your wardrobe needs from the comfort of your home or office.

Contact a member of our team to schedule your complimentary appointment.