Make an Unforgettable
First Impression

25 Nov 2018

This article has been researched and written by Samrat Amarnani. AI has not been used in producing this article.

There is no second chance for making the first impression…

You have just one to ten seconds to sway someone in your favour when you first meet them. In that short time, they have already gone a long way toward deciding whether to give you the job, offer you the sale, or take a chance to strike a long-term relationship with you.

At this point, I would like to clarify that people are quick to judge books by their covers, and your clothing can help you put your best foot forward.

“What a strange power there is in clothing.” – Isaac Bashevis Singer

Your clothes say a lot about you and are one of the first things that others will notice. For this reason, it is non-verbal communication that expresses who you are, what you wish for, and where you see yourself in life. As several independent studies have proven, your wardrobe has the power to alter how others perceive and respond to you, and can even improve your attitude and how you feel about yourself.

Follow Collars & Cuffs top five tips to ensure you always look your best, especially when it matters most:


  1. Know Your Audience

Ask yourself where you will be wearing your garment, what others might be wearing on the occasion, and what impression you hope to make. These are questions I tend to ask my customers when they come to me for style advice. In a professional environment, a classic, well-fitted suit is the easiest way to boost your confidence, demonstrate your competence, and in this case I would suggest sticking to blues or greys and avoiding flashy accessories.


  1. Dress to Impress

A common mistake many men make is that they throw on their work suit jacket over a pair of ill-fitted jeans when they go out. It’s only in a handful of cases that you 9 – 5 work suit jacket can be worn as a blazer, and unless you’re going to the beach, there aren’t many places in Dubai where you can afford to be overdressed. Move away from jeans and stick to the pair of well-fitted chinos worn with a blazer or sports coat for the perfect date night outfit.


  1. Attention to Detail

Zooming in on the detail when styling a garment can enhance your overall look.  It’s best to be subtle and unique with accessories if you truly want to stand out. Ties, pocket squares, and cufflinks can lift an outfit, while unique touches can also be added to create truly bespoke garments that reflect your personality, like an extra button on the suit jacket sleeve, a ticket pocket, a unique lapel, or embroidery with your initials.


  1. The Perfect Fit

I can’t overemphasize the importance of fit. Dressing for your shape and seeking out a skilled tailor is essential because even if you hit on the ideal colour combination and accessories, your clothes will not work for you if they don’t fit properly. Poorly fitted clothes can look lazy, slapdash, and unflattering, which you want to avoid if you are making an all-important first impression.


  1. Everything Counts

Don’t forget that your grooming, body language, and verbal communication are even more important than what you wear. Always present yourself in a neat and well-groomed manner with tidy hair, understated cologne, and well-polished shoes. Smile genuinely, make eye contact, listen, and stand up straight. Speak clearly and attentively in a friendly tone of voice, ask questions, and be polite. Without these skills, you will never be fully dressed.


  1. First impression lasts the longest

I wanted to share my thoughts on this because I know that a bad first impression is hard to reverse. A favorable first impression can open doors, improve your life, and help you create meaningful connections with people, which is what I want for you. It all starts with your opinion about yourself, and I believe that the right choice of what you wear is the first step towards creating a favorable impression.


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