guide to linen suits

The Complete Guide to Linen Suits for Men

13 Jul 2021

Linen suits have historically earned the reputation for being wrinkly, misshapen, and “less than” when compared to their counterparts. However, over the last decade, linen suits have redefined their image to become the ultimate warm-weather fabric. They provide a chic and comfortable option for male apparel. As the unsung hero of the summer wardrobe, the linen suit is designed with breathable fabric to keep you cool and comfortable as the temperatures increase. A versatile and breathable fabric made from the flax plant; humans started producing linen as many as 36,000 years ago. During the height of the ancient Egyptian empire, linen was as common as hieroglyphics. Although the process of producing linen has remained relatively the same since the days of the Great Pharaohs, style has evolved with modern man.

Here’s everything you need to know about linen bespoke suits.

                                                  How to Wear a Linen Suit

Why Buy a Linen Suit?

Anyone who’s had to wear a suit during the warmer months understands how uncomfortable it is when the suit becomes too hot to wear. Enter the linen suit.

Not only does the low thread count of linen make it cooler than cotton, but it’s also up to 30% stronger than cotton. Naturally hypoallergenic, linen is also absorbent, making it an ideal option for warm weather events. Although linen is more prone to crease, it’s designed for the confident male who is looking for the perfect blend of style and comfort.

How to Wear a Linen Suit: Style By Occasion

While there is no right or wrong way to style a linen suit, there are a few general guidelines to follow to get you headed in the right direction:

Keeping it casual: For casual events, you’ll want to keep it simple. Think single-breasted jackets with patch pockets and notch lapels. You can pair your jacket with a cotton or linen shirt and pull the look together with your favorite pocket square.

When it’s formal: For a more formal event, you can opt for a dark linen suit featuring a double-breasted jacket with peak lapels, paired with a crisp dress-shirt and an amazing tie or collar pin.

Depending on the event and your personality, you can keep it simple and pair your linen suit with a light-colored shirt or even experiment with a printed shirt for a fun stand-out look. Remember linen suits are all about fashionable comfort. Due to its casual nature, linen suits pair best with tassel loafers, brown penny loafers, or even a fresh pair of white sneakers.

                                     What to Look for In a Linen Suit

What to Look for In a Linen Suit

Perhaps among the most appealing qualities for a linen suit lies in its wide range of colors to choose from. You can opt for a simple beige, grey, or white linen suit or, if you want to change it up, you can order your bespoke linen suit in bolder colors. The possibilities are endless, and our favorites include military green, pale yellow and baby blue linen suits. Linens are notoriously easy to wear with mix and match colors so feel free to pair your linen suit with complimentary colors and accessories.

Generally speaking, a linen suit should be only partially lined with a buggy-lining (a lining that covers only the shoulders and back of the suit jacket). Linen suits should be slightly loose fitting, as linen is prone to wrinkling as you wear it. However, this relaxed look is part of a linen suits charm.

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