How to Fold a Pocket Square in 5 Different Ways

How to Fold a Pocket Square in 5 Different Ways

29 Nov 2022

This article has been researched and written by Samrat Amarnani. AI has not been used in producing this article.

Pocket squares add a pop of colour, a touch of elegance, and fun patterns to a suit jacket. The pocket square also offers a great way to add a personalized touch or a nod to a loved one who has passed by adding their favorite hanky or by taking special fabric from someone’s favourite shirt and customizing it into a pocket square. Whether you aim to achieve a classic day-to-day look or are looking to find the perfect fold for your upcoming nuptials, we can help!

#1 The clean and classic square/presidential fold

square/presidential fold

Ideal for a formal occasion, the square/presidential fold is basic, yet clean and classic. To complete the square/presidential fold, start with the pocket square completely unfolded and laying flat. Next, you’ll want to fold the square to match the width of your pocket.

Typically, a vertical fold directly in half should do the trick. Next, you’ll fold your square up from the bottom to create a rectangle. The width should be the same as your pocket, but the length should be about a half-inch longer. Tuck the bottom of the fold snug into the base of your pocket, smooth as needed.

#2 The business savvy three-point fold

the three-point fold

Suitable for business, the three-point fold offers clean edges with a showoff kind of style. To complete the three-point fold, start with the pocket square completely unfolded and laying flat at a diagonal. Take the bottom point and fold it upwards, slightly off-center (it will look like you have two peaks resting right next to each other). Next, you’ll want to fold the bottom right corner of the pocket square up towards the left side at an angle, creating the third peak.

Ideally, all peaks should be similarly sized and lined up beautifully. Be patient. As this may take some practice! To complete the look, you’ll go to the left bottom side of the pocket square and vertically fold it inwards just until it is the width of your pocket and that’s it! All that’s left is to place the pocket square in the pocket, leaving only the three peaks popping out.

#3 The dapper but not so serious puff fold

puff fold

If you’re looking to have some fun yet still look dapper, then the puff fold is for you! It’s also quite easy and offers a casual nod for semi-formal occasions. Simply start with your pocket square flat and at a diagonal. Pinch the center of the pocket square and pull up, letting the edges hang down loosely. Adjust the square so that each corner hangs evenly.

As you continue pinching the center of the square, tug at the dangling edges pulling them into a loose tube shape. Next, take the dangling edges and roll them up from the bottom until the pocket square is short enough to fit perfectly into your pocket. At this point, only the rounded top of this puff should be peaking out (wrinkles and dimples are ok for this style of fold).

#4 The celebratory scallop fold

scallop fold

The scallop fold is ideal for special occasions such as proms, birthday parties, and weddings. Best of all, it looks great when you add funky colours and patterns. This fold offers an easy way to jazz up your jacket without getting too formal. To begin, you’ll lay your pocket square flat on a diagonal. Create a horizontal fold by taking the bottom corner to the top. Then you’ll create a triangle by folding vertically placing one corner to its opposite side. Next, lightly curl in one corner of the triangle toward the center and at a downward angle. Repeat the process with its opposite corner folding it inwards, it should lay right on top of the one that was just folded in. Lastly, you’ll tuck the remaining (unfolded) point down into your pocket leaving the previously folded curves to neatly peek out the top.

#5 The eye-catching dunaway fold

dunaway fold

Start the dunaway fold similarly to how you started the puff fold, by pinching the middle of a flat pocket square and pulling up, allowing the edges to hang down. Again, you’ll want to ensure that the edges are dangling somewhat evenly. Just like the puff fold, you’ll tug on the dangling edges, pulling the pocket square to a loose tube-like shape. Next, you’ll take your opposite hand and hold the bottom of your tube shape, basically turning it upside down so the four-pointed edges are now at the top. Now roll your tube shape from the bottom up toward your points. To complete the look, tuck it into your pocket with the edges poking out and a little bit of the rolled tube still showing, acting as a base to the four points. And remember, perfect symmetry is not needed to pull off the dunaway fold.

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