How is a Blazer Different from a Suit Jacket?

How is a Blazer Different from a Suit Jacket?

04 Jan 2021

This article has been researched and written by Ariana Amarnani. AI has not been used in producing this article.

Sportcoats, classic jackets, blazers, and suit jackets – it’s pretty clear, men’s jackets have many names. However, not all jackets are the same. In particular, a blazer and a suit jacket are two very distinct wardrobe elements with very specific purposes. 

Let’s explore the differences between a male blazer and a suit jacket.


Blazer vs. Suit Jacket

blazer vs suit jacket collars and cuffsThe blazer first came onto the scene during the 19th century when the Royal British Navy changed their uniforms to something that resembles the modern-day blazer. Traditionally, a blazer meant a solid color jacket (usually black or navy), with silver or gold metal buttons and patch pockets, worn with a separate pair of pants or slacks. On the other hand, a suit jacket has always been described as a jacket with matching pants (i.e., suit pants).


Suit Jacket: A man’s suit jacket is a part of a matching ensemble. A suit jacket is designed as a part of a full suit (with matching suit pants and sometimes a vest). No longer exclusive to formal events, it should never be worn as a blazer. Bespoke suit jackets come in unlimited styles, colors, fabrics, and are tailored to your personal style and body type.


Blazer: Unlike the suit jacket, a blazer has its own identity. It was created to be worn with mismatched trousers. Blazers come in unlimited styles, colors, fabrics, variations, and are fun separate pieces to mix and match with your wardrobe. The most notorious blazer is the classic navy blazer (a double-breasted blue blazer, with six-gold buttons and patch pockets). While a navy blazer is a must-have for every man, they should also own a wide variety of blazers in different styles and colors to enhance their existing wardrobe and personal style.




When to Wear a Suit Jacket vs. a Blazer?

when to wear suit jacket vs blazerSuit jackets and their matching suit pants are no longer limited to the occasional use at a wedding or formal event. On the contrary, a bespoke suit can be worn to work or daily to enhance your personal style. Bespoke suits are made to your exact specifications. From materials, construction, and style to stitching, buttons, and monogramming, bespoke suit jackets are custom-designed to perfectly accentuate your physical features while hiding any imperfections. 

Unlike suit jackets, which are worn with the corresponding suit pants, blazers are a stand alone piece that can be mixed and matched with other items in your wardrobe. With unlimited styles, colors, fabrics, and variations, part of their appeal lies in their versatility. Blazers can be worn casually or dressed up for more formal events. Like a bespoke suit jacket, blazers can be customized to your exact specifications. 


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