5 ways to wear a navy blazer


5 Ways to Wear a Navy Blazer

01 Oct 2020

Great style does not necessarily mean owning a lot of wardrobe items, it’s about having the right items that can each serve you in multiple ways to create completely distinctive outfits. We all love a navy blazer, and know that it is an item nothing short of exquisite taste; but little did you know that its role goes beyond the predictable. Its functionality, versatility and timelessness can make up a wide variety of looks. Here are 5 different outfits with just one blazer, so without further ado –

Interview Ready

wear navy blazer for interview

Rest assured and calm your nerves, because the chances are in your favour to land that dream job with a first impression like this one. Let your navy blazer lead your outfit, along with a pair of khaki trousers, a double-breasted checked waistcoat and an elegant dark brown tie and you’ll be giving those candidates a run for their money.

Wedding Guest

wear navy blazer for wedding guest

Whether you love weddings or not a huge fan, nothing should stop you from looking like the perfect 10 you are. Throw on a neat pair of grey pants, a checkered vest and a classic white button down shirt with a navy blazer, and you’re guaranteed to turn heads left, right and centre.

Staycation Vibes

wear navy blazer for staycation vibes

Just because travelling is not an option these days, it does not mean you shouldn’t unleash your inner movie star on a red carpet on full force, whenever necessary, and your navy blazer will more than suffice. For whatever occasion or event, own your spiffy look matching your blazer with a pair of your favorite linen trousers, and it’s about time you put that floral shirt to good use that you’ve been too iffy about letting out!

Date Night

wear navy blazer for date night

Take our word for it, but you will do way more than just impressing on a glamourous night out with your SO. A crisp look with a classic navy blazer, a pair of bold chinos, and a solid t-shirt is just the right ensemble to make that special someone swoon.

The Brunch Hunch

wear navy blazer for brunch

We have a hunch that you’re a brunch lover, as are we, so you’re in good hands. It’s brunch time, so let’s keep it light – referring to the colours here, devour your gourmet away. A pair of white trousers and a light coloured button down shirt along with your navy blazer will create the needed day-time contrast while doing you justice, and brunch would have never looked finer!

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