can a men wear pink

Can A Man Wear Pink? Top Reasons All Men Should Wear Pink

25 Jan 2022

Look at that man, is he wearing pink?

Wow, he’s got style and pinasch!

Is it acceptable for men to wear pink?

Masculine men don’t wear pink!

If you haven’t said any of the above, you’ve most likely heard them at some point in time. Not only can men wear pink, pink has a rich history in men’s fashion. The age old misconception of pink being femanine is fading into the background and you don’t want to get left behind.

Let’s take a look at all of the reasons men should be wearing pink!

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Men Have Men Wearing Pink Since the 19th Century

When colours were introduced in the mid-18th century, pink and blue were not considered gender specific colours. In fact, the defining line for pink wasn’t between men and women, but rather between the young and the old. The colour pink was associated with youth, rigor, health, and innocence.

Pink was also considered very masculine, and was often looked at as a “warlike” colour as it was a lighter version of the colours red. Enter the early 1900s when the Brooks Brothers designed the first pink dress shirt and it was a huge hit. While this doesn’t mean you have to wear pink, it does show that trends come and go and pink is making a comeback.

Men Don’t Need to Wear “Boys” Clothes

Blue and pink were never meant to be gender specific colours. We can blame that distinction on the marketing tactics of clothing manufacturers. This became particularly true as new technologies allowed parents to learn the sex of their babies before they were born. Companies monetized on this by introducing gender-specific clothing and colours. But now that you are a grown man and making decisions for yourself, you know that pink (or any other colours) is not a gender specific colour.

Colours that Work With Pink

Many men steer clear of wearing pink, as they are intimidated by the thought they will have trouble pairing pink with other colours in their wardrobe. This could be further from the truth. Just like every other colour, pink has it’s perfect partners.

  • Recommended colours (easy to pair): grey, beige and white, along with darker shades of blue and green
    Synonyms colours (easy to pair): reds and mauve pinks
    Contrasting colours (hard to pair): blue violets, yellow greens, and blue greens

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Pink Goes With Almost Everything

Mixing and matching colours can be hard but pink is a rounded colour that can enhance any look. Whether you want a custom pink dress shirt, or prefer to add a pop of pink (think a pocket square or tie) as to complement your custom suit, you simply can’t go wrong with adding pink to your look.

Keep in mind that men with darker skin tones look better in lighter hues such as baby pink, pink sky and lavender pink. Meanwhile men with lighter complexions look great in slightly darker hues like salmon and dusty rose. Just be mindful that deeper pinks tend to draw focus away from everything else so they serve you better as an accessory (such as a pocket square).

Pink Works Everywhere

You might think that you can only wear pink during specific seasons or to specific events but you can wear pink anywhere and in all of the seasons.

Pink in Winter

While some people think of pink as a spring or summer colour, you can wear it all year round – even during the winter months. When the temperatures begin to dip, consider layering a rosy pink dress shirt or t-shirt under your jacket. Not only does it look amazing, but it adds a pop of colour during dreary months.

Pink at Work

There is a reason bespoke baby pink shirts have made a comeback with the modern navy power suit. Whether you wear a business suit or more casual business attire to the workplace, it’s easy to add a pop of pink to your look. From ties to custom oxford shirts and blazers with pink details, the possibilities are endless.

Pink as Formal Wear

Whether you are going to a breezy beach wedding or attending a formal event, pairing pink with your custom pink suit is a surefire way to make a statement. Just don’t forget to finish off your look with the perfect tie and pocket square.

Pink as Casual Wear

You can’t go wrong with pairing a bespoke pink t-shirt with your favorite slacks or jeans. It looks great and exudes confidence making the statement that you are ready to take on the world.

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