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Bespoke Suits – All You Need to Know

05 Apr 2024

This article has been researched and written by Samrat Amarnani. AI has not been used in producing this article.

A tailor-made suit carries an unparalleled charm, bestowing upon its wearer a distinguished aura of confidence and exclusivity. When one steps into a tailor-made suit, it’s as though they ascend to royalty among a throng, a transformation that isn’t just a product of mere needlework. The journey to crafting a tailor-made suit is a confluence of diligent care, exemplary craftsmanship, and the preservation of revered traditions, all aimed at materializing your envisioned style into a tangible form.

Defining a Tailor-Made Suit

At the apex of men’s fashion lies the art of tailor-made tailoring, a testament to the apex of garment creation. A suit is only genuinely tailor-made if it encompasses the highest standards of fabric quality, construction integrity, and artisanal expertise. In stark contrast to mass-produced attire, tailor-made suits are born from individually crafted patterns by proficient tailors for each new piece.

A detailed consultation with your tailor, involving more than 40 precise measurements, ensures the suit impeccably complements your form, enhancing your best features and discreetly masking any less favorable ones. This bespoke pattern serves as the blueprint for the suit, guiding the construction of each component.

Exploring Suit Tailoring Styles

The realm of suit tailoring is diverse, with each style offering its unique appeal:

Ready-to-wear suit

Factory-made and readily available, these suits come in generic sizes and often necessitate additional tailoring for a personalized fit. Despite this, their capacity for alteration is restricted, limiting the possibility of achieving a truly custom fit.

Made-to-measure suit

These suits begin with a basic pattern that is adjusted to fit your specific measurements. Though factory-produced and based on pre-existing designs, they offer a closer fit than ready-to-wear options but lack the bespoke suit’s precision and uniqueness, as they modify existing patterns rather than creating new ones from scratch.

Bespoke suit

Entirely unique, these bespoke suits are crafted without the aid of pre-existing patterns, offering complete customization in every aspect — from pattern to fabric, and even down to the minutest details like buttons and thread choice. This level of customization allows for an unparalleled garment that truly reflects your personal style. Crafted by hand, the creation of a tailor-made suit demands over 50 hours of work and a commitment of at least 4-6 weeks, during which multiple fittings are conducted to ensure perfection in fit and style.

Unlike their off-the-peg and made-to-measure counterparts, tailor-made suits are sculpted to fit your exact dimensions and aesthetic preferences, offering a level of personalization that celebrates your physique and style, making for an experience you’re unlikely to forget.

Fabric Types

Selecting the right fabric is crucial, with a few key types standing out as popular choices for bespoke suits. The ideal suit should be versatile enough for wear across all seasons, with fabric weight tailored to the intended time of year.

Key Fabric Choices

Bespoke suit fabric types


Celebrated for its antibacterial qualities, softness, lightweight nature, and adaptability to temperature fluctuations, making it perfect for both solid and patterned suits.


Best suited for warmer climates due to its exceptional breathability and lightweight nature, though it is prone to wrinkling, making it more suitable for casual occasions.


Offers a distinctive style for casual wear, praised for its comfort and adaptability but susceptible to creasing.


Valued for its softness and warmth, available in a variety of colors and weights, making it ideal for cooler weather occasions.

After choosing your fabric, the next step is to select the appropriate fabric weight, largely dependent on the season in which the suit will be worn.

Navigating the Tapestry of Tailor-Made Suit Patterns and Styles

Embarking on the journey of creating a tailor-made suit offers an expansive palette of colors, patterns, and textures, inviting you to craft a garment that resonates with your unique essence and the occasions it will grace. From the understated elegance of classic shades like black, gray, or navy to the boldness of red, baby blue, or burnt orange, the spectrum of choices empowers you to express your individuality. The art of selecting the perfect color and pattern is an intimate process, allowing for a bespoke piece that not only fits the event’s ambiance but also aligns with your personal style narrative.

Men's bespoke suit fabric patterns

Fit Options: Sculpting Your Silhouette

The bespoke journey affords the luxury of tailoring your suit to the most flattering fit, ensuring comfort and elegance in equal measure.


Designed for the modern man seeking a sharp, contemporary silhouette, the slim fit offers a refined, streamlined look. This fit accentuates the body’s shape with a jacket tailored to narrow at the chest, shoulders, and waist, complemented by higher armholes and fitted sleeves. The trousers follow suit, offering a slim profile through the seat and thigh, with a lower rise and a narrow leg opening, crafting a silhouette that is both sleek and sophisticated.


A harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary, the modern fit updates the classic silhouette with a subtly tapered design. The jacket is cut slightly closer to the body, featuring a modest trim through the shoulders and a snug fit across the chest and waist, while maintaining slightly higher armholes. Trousers in the modern fit present a slimmer line through the seat and thigh, with a waistband that rests just below the waist, offering a silhouette that is both refined and comfortably versatile.


Embodying timeless elegance, the classic fit provides a more relaxed outline, allowing for greater movement and comfort. The jacket boasts a generous cut across the chest and body, with traditional armholes and sleeves, ensuring a fit that is both graceful and unrestricted. The trousers complement this ease, offering ample room through the seat and thigh, with a waistband that sits comfortably at the waist, epitomizing the enduring appeal of classic tailoring.

Cuts: Defining Your Suit’s Character

The cut of your suit is pivotal in defining its overall character and how it complements your physique and style preferences.

The British Cut

A testament to refined elegance, the British cut is crafted for versatility and resilience, ideal for the dynamic lifestyle of its namesake’s gentlemen. This cut is distinguished by its snug fit, with sleeves designed to taper to the cuffs and a high armhole for a structured silhouette. The trousers, featuring a higher rise and subtle pleats, emphasize a slightly pinched waist, double vents, and flap pockets, encapsulating a look of sophisticated functionality.

The American Cut

Born from the halls of ivy league academia, the American cut stands out with its straightforward, comfortable design, marked by a single vent, natural shoulder padding for a fuller frame, and a straight waist. The evolution of its trousers to a more fitted profile makes it exceptionally adaptable to a variety of body types. Characterized by a single-breasted jacket with a two or three-button closure, this cut embodies a classic, relaxed comfort.

The Italian Cut

The Italian cut, a sleek reinterpretation of the British silhouette, is tailored for warmer climates and slender physiques. This style accentuates a tapered waist, eschews vents for a cleaner line, and features slash pockets for a streamlined look. Minimal padding ensures a close fit, crafting an image of modern elegance and flair, perfectly suited to the Mediterranean ethos of style and sophistication.

In the realm of tailor-made suits, the interplay of patterns, colors, fit, and cut opens a world of possibilities, inviting you to create a garment that is not just worn but lived in — a reflection of your individuality and a testament to the craftsmanship of bespoke tailoring.

No vents vs single vent vs double vents


Lapels are central to a suit’s character, offering three primary styles:

Notch Lapel: Characterized by a V-shaped indentation where the lapel meets the collar, notch lapels are the most prevalent style, ideally complementing single-breasted jackets with their versatile appeal.

Peak Lapel: Distinguished by sharp edges that ascend towards the shoulders, peak lapels convey a more formal demeanor, typically adorning double-breasted jackets and formal wear like tuxedos, though they can also elevate the sophistication of single-breasted suits.

Shawl Lapel: This style features a smooth, continuous curve, devoid of notches or peaks, lending a sleek and elegant contour primarily to tuxedos and attire meant for black-tie affairs.

Suit lapel styles

Notch Lapel

Characterized by a V-shaped indentation where the lapel meets the collar, notch lapels are the most prevalent style, ideally complementing single-breasted jackets with their versatile appeal.

Peak Lapel

Distinguished by sharp edges that ascend towards the shoulders, peak lapels convey a more formal demeanor, typically adorning double-breasted jackets and formal wear like tuxedos, though they can also elevate the sophistication of single-breasted suits.

Shawl Lapel

This style features a smooth, continuous curve, devoid of notches or peaks, lending a sleek and elegant contour primarily to tuxedos and attire meant for black-tie affairs.


The selection of buttons significantly affects the suit’s front appearance, with the choice between single and double-breasted configurations:

Single-Breasted Jackets

These jackets may vary in the number of buttons, allowing for a range of stylistic preferences that influence the suit’s overall formality and aesthetic.

Double-Breasted Jackets

Known for their additional fabric overlay and parallel rows of buttons, double-breasted jackets offer a more classic and formal look, emphasizing the suit’s structure and style.

Single vs double breasted jacket

Pant Break

The pant break is where the trouser leg meets your shoe, creating a visual line that affects the suit’s silhouette and elegance:

Pant break types

No break pants

Trousers end just above the shoe, offering a contemporary, clean look that highlights a streamlined, modern style, ideal for slimmer cuts and those preferring a minimalist aesthetic.

Half break pants

The trouser hem extends slightly over the shoe, creating a subtle fold that strikes a balance between traditional and modern styles, versatile enough to suit various body types and preferences.

Cuffed break pants

Characterized by a neatly ironed crease that lightly touches the shoe, cuffed trousers present a polished finish, adding a touch of classic refinement to the suit’s appearance.

Full break pants

Trousers generously overlap with the shoe, producing a noticeable fold that adds depth and movement to the suit’s profile, suited for more traditional or formal suit styles.

Each of these elements—lapels, buttons, and pant breaks—allows for a depth of customization, ensuring your bespoke suit not only fits impeccably but also reflects your personal style and the occasion it graces, completing your tailored look with precision and elegance.

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Beyond the meticulous creation of each garment, we extend the luxury of custom tailoring to your doorstep with our exclusive traveling tailor service. This bespoke offering is designed to provide you with the ultimate convenience, allowing you to experience the luxury of personalized tailoring in the comfort of your home or office. It’s a service that not only saves time but also personalizes the tailoring experience to fit your busy schedule and preferences.

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