how to increase the lifetime of bespoke suit

A Guide to Increasing theLifetime of your Bespoke Suits

29 Mar 2021

Bespoke suits, being of the most valuable items in your wardrobe, deserve proper love and care as they are an investment in superior quality that rewards you with comfort, longevity and timeless appeal. They are made out of natural fibres and materials, making them more sustainable and comfortable, and when taken care of the right way, are able to grant you many years of enjoyable wear. At Collars and Cuffs, we are here to guide you through the best practices to keep your suit in its best shape, so let’s dive in.

Your wardrobe contributes more to the quality of your life than you think. However, as important as having a near-perfect wardrobe is, it is not nearly as easy. If you are looking for some handy tips to give your wardrobe a makeover and take the first step towards more confident and impactful dressing, we are happy to guide you.

Before we share the pearls of wisdom for an enviable wardrobe, stick by the golden rule: Try to have as many ‘evergreen and timeless’ pieces in your closet as possible, the ones that can be combined with seasonal dresses and give you a limitless smart collection that’ll never disappoint you when you open your closet:

A high-quality suit deserves a high-quality hanger:

As soon as you get home, hang your suit with an appropriate hanger. It’s always a painful sight to see a beautiful suit on the wrong hanger, especially the metal ones that come from the dry cleaners. One of the most important parts of the suit is the shoulders, and in order to maintain their shape and structure, one must use a rounded, broad-shouldered hanger. If you are removing the jacket at work, place it over a suit valet or find a place to hang it using your hanger, but whatever you do, avoid wrapping it over your office chair as it will disfigure the jacket over time. If you’re not sure what the ideal hanger represents, look no further than the complimentary one we include with every Collars & Cuffs order.

guide to increasing the lifetime of bespoke suits
Let them rest:

Ideally, own and rotate a sufficient number of suits so that you never have to wear a suit more than once or twice a week at most. It’s important to allow garments at least two days to release any wrinkling and dry out any perspiration and moisture. Like humans, suits love fresh air, too. If the weather is good, you can go the extra mile by airing it out on a hanger in a room with an open window.

guide to increasing the lifetime of bespoke suits
Get an additional pair of trousers for each suit:

Trousers are more likely to wear out before jackets do, and wear and tear can alter the colour of even a solid-coloured, two-piece suit; alternate trousers so you’re not wearing one trouser too often. Also, when hanging your trousers, try to follow the creases given by the tailor to retain their shape and crispness.

guide to increasing the lifetime of bespoke suits
Keep bulky items away:

Apart from being unsightly, adding weighty or bulky items to your pockets, especially your jacket pockets, is always a bad idea. With time it will compromise the shape of your garment at best due to the added pressure on the seams and lining and stretch out the fabric at worst. Make sure you empty your pockets once you are done wearing your garment.

guide to increasing the lifetime of bespoke suits
Brush the debris out:

After a long day, debris, dust, food crumbs, and other particles may get stuck on the suit; hence, they need to be brushed out to reinvigorate the fabric. Using a pure-bristle brush, such as one made with horsehair, is essential to maintain the fabric’s integrity while also being an effective method to get rid of any particles. Brush the suit, working your way down from the shoulders, to make sure it is properly cleaned.

Avoid regular dry cleaning:

Of course, there are times when your suit would require a refresher and extra ironing; just hanging your suit the right way or steaming away any wrinkles may sometimes not suffice. While dry cleaning can come in handy when a suit has a stubborn stain or a bad odour, it can cause irreparable damage to your garment. Therefore, one should ideally limit dry-cleaning their suit to a maximum of two times a year. We are more than happy to provide our customers with suit-pressing services for garments made in-house.

Extra protection for seasonal suits:

If you aren’t going to wear your suit for a while, then it is important to ensure that it is protected in a breathable garment bag; make sure you also leave space between them and other clothing items. Garment bags will not only protect suits from dirt but are also convenient when travelling as they will also maintain their shape. Go the extra mile and invest in cedar blocks placed between garments to keep your suits smelling fresh and free of moisture and moths. Space is critical, so avoid packing your suits next to each other as it will damage their structure and add wrinkles to them.

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