Top Groom Suit Suggestions For Every Wedding Occasion

Top Groom Suit Suggestions For Every Wedding Occasion

13 Apr 2024

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Your dream day is set. You’ve proposed, the date is locked in, venue chosen, and now you’re piecing together the details that will turn your wedding into a legendary affair. Given the significance of this day, settling for anything less than the ideal in every aspect, especially your attire, is out of the question. The suit or tuxedo you select should mirror the significance of the occasion and the love you share with your partner.

Whether it’s a formal evening, a casual beach wedding, or anything in between, your attire should be nothing short of impeccable. This guide is your ultimate resource for choosing the right wedding suit or tuxedo, ensuring you and your groomsmen look stunning.

What is a Bespoke Suit?

Bespoke tailoring represents the pinnacle of men’s fashion. Crafted from premium materials with unparalleled craftsmanship, bespoke suits offer a personalized fit unmatched by off-the-rack options. Each suit is tailored to the individual, ensuring a perfect fit that highlights your best features and conceals any imperfections.

A bespoke suit allows for customization in fabric, color, and style, including traditional British, sleek American, or chic Italian cuts. Each style brings its own unique attributes, ensuring there’s a perfect match for every groom’s taste and body type.

Selecting the Right Suit for Your Wedding Theme

British Cut Suit

The British cut suit stands as a beacon of traditional elegance and refined style, emphasizing a silhouette that marries comfort with sophistication. This suit is characterized by a closer fit to the body, ensuring a tailored appearance that enhances the wearer’s figure without sacrificing mobility. The sleeves are designed to be tight-fitting, ending in cuffs that add a classic touch, while the high armholes allow for a greater range of motion. The trousers are distinguished by their 2-3 pleats, offering both style and functionality. The slightly pinched waist, double vents, flap pockets, and a slightly structured form contribute to a sophisticated look that’s versatile for various occasions.

American Cut Suit

The American cut suit is a testament to the classic and comfortable American fashion sensibility, focusing on a more relaxed yet structured silhouette. This cut is easily identifiable by its single back vent, which provides ease of movement, and its straight lines that cater to a wide range of body types. The higher armholes and flap pockets maintain a tailored appearance, while the natural padding in the shoulders creates a fuller silhouette, projecting confidence and stability. The single-breasted jacket, typically featuring two or three buttons, complements the straight-cut waist, embodying a timeless style that balances formality with wearability.

Italian Cut Suit

The Italian cut suit is the epitome of sleek, modern elegance, crafted to accentuate the body’s natural lines with a dramatic tapering at the waist. This design ethos caters to a slimmer profile, creating an eye-catching inverted triangle silhouette that enhances the wearer’s physique. The absence of vents in the jacket underscores the suit’s streamlined look, while the unique “slash” pockets (as opposed to traditional flap pockets) add a contemporary edge. The Italian cut’s minimalistic approach extends to its structure, featuring little to no padding for a closer fit that moves with the body, epitomizing a fashion-forward, dynamic aesthetic.

Unique Groom Attire for Every Occasion

Weddings come in various forms, and it’s crucial to ensure your attire aligns with the wedding’s atmosphere and style. For instance, a formal tuxedo might be out of place at a beach ceremony held during the day, just as a linen suit might not fit an elegant evening affair requiring black tie. The specialists at Collars & Cuff are dedicated to dressing you in the perfect suit that reflects your individual style and complements the setting of your big day.

Black Tie Wedding
Black Tie Wedding

In the realm of upscale evening weddings, adhering to the black-tie dress code while showcasing your unique style is essential. Whether your preference leans towards a timeless tuxedo, a distinguished morning coat, or an elegant tailcoat, you have the freedom to tailor your outfit to your precise liking. It’s important, however, to ensure your choice enhances your standing without breaching the expected dress norms.

Traditional black-tie attire can include the following fabric types and colors:

  • – Midnight Blue Wool
    – Black Wool
    – Ivory Barathea
    – Midnight Blue Mohair
    – Black Mohair
Semi-formal Weddings
Semi-formal Weddings

For events that are formal yet not as stringent as black-tie, don’t confine yourself to a basic suit. Opting for a tailored suit showcases sophistication with a nod to tradition minus the strict formalities. Through customizing your suit down to the last detail, including fabric, fit, pattern, and color, you make a statement. Elevate your ensemble with sharp peak lapels or a distinctive vest, opening up a world of styling possibilities.
Semi-formal attire can include the following fabric types and colors:

  • – Navy Blue
    – Charcoal Sharkskin
    – Medium Grey Birdseye
    – Royal Blue Twill
    – Black Twill
Beach Weddings
Beach Weddings:

Casual yet charming, beach ceremonies demand attire that’s both stylish and suitable for the setting. Choose from a variety of light and airy fabrics such as soft cotton, breezy linen, or a sumptuous silk blend tailored to your comfort. Beach weddings also allow for playful color and pattern choices, from neutral khaki to vibrant blue and even seersucker patterns.
Suggested fabrics and colors for a beach wedding suit include:

– Pastel Colored Lightweight Wool
– Ivory Linen
– Classic Seersucker
– Sand Linen
– Blue Wool Silk/Linen Blend

Countryside Weddings
Countryside Weddings:

Exchanging vows amidst the tranquility of a vineyard or the rustic charm of the countryside requires attire that echoes the natural beauty and season. For spring or summer, lightweight cotton blends or linen are ideal. Autumn celebrations call for warmer materials like flannel and tweed. Depending on the season of your big day, suggested colors and fabrics include:

  • – Light or Medium Grey Wool
    – Light Blue Linen
    – Marbled Grey Flannel
    – Forest or Olive Herringbone Wool
    – Blue Donegal

Cultural Weddings

Cultural weddings are a vibrant celebration of heritage and individuality, necessitating attire that’s not only respectful but also a reflection of your unique style. At Collars & Cuff, we meticulously craft each piece to align with your specific preferences in cut, color, and accessory choices, ensuring your outfit perfectly complements your cultural celebration. Our expertise in creating bespoke garments allows us to cater to the diverse and rich traditions of cultural weddings, making your special day truly unforgettable.

Rehearsal Dinner Attire

The rehearsal dinner, serving as the prelude to your wedding, typically embraces a semi-formal dress code. It’s the ideal occasion to sport a bespoke suit or a refined blazer and trousers combination, ensuring you appear suave and ready for the forthcoming celebration. This event not only sets the tone for the wedding but also offers a moment to make a personal style statement, showcasing your attention to detail and anticipation for the big day.

                 suits for Rehearsal Dinner

Groomsmen & Family

After selecting the material, hue, and design of your tailored suit, the next step involves coordinating the attire of your wedding party. Offering custom suits for groomsmen ensures a cohesive look while allowing for personal expression in style. These custom suits are not just for the wedding; they’re a stylish investment for your groomsmen to enjoy long-term. The beauty of modern weddings is the flexibility in attire—perfectly matched suits are no longer a necessity.
Ideally, groomsmen’s attire should:
– Echo the groom’s suit in style
– Harmonize with the groom’s choice of color, material, and specific details
– Compliment the bridesmaids’ dresses
– Incorporate elements that reflect the individuality and preferences of each groomsman, like unique buttons, vests, or monograms

Collars & Cuff Bespoke Wedding Suits

At Collars & Cuffs, we combine decades of timeless craftsmanship with a truly immersive experience. With over twenty years of

Collars & Cuffs stands at the intersection of age-old craftsmanship and personalized service, boasting over two decades of expertise. Our artisan tailors craft bespoke garments that are a true reflection of your individuality, ensuring a perfect fit for your body and style. This meticulous process, embodying a unique blend of tradition and personal expression, typically spans 50 hours over 4-6 weeks.

To further enhance our client’s experience, we proudly offer a mobile tailor service. This allows us to meet your tailoring needs in the comfort and convenience of your own home or office. Reach out to schedule your complimentary consultation with our dedicated team.

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