what is the best suit for men

The Best Suits for Men in 2021

31 May 2021

Over the past few decades, mens suits have moved in and out of focus. Yet, despite changing trends, they have managed to stand the test of time. Mens suits are not only back in style, but they are back with a vengeance. No longer saved for formal events and special occasions, suits are worn to work, date nights, and even casual events. 

Let’s take a look at the latest tailoring trends to help find what best suits your needs and personal tastes:

mens suits trends

Traditionally, suits have been linked to formal events, which meant wearing it in navy or black. However, as suits become fashionable and acceptable for informal attire, such as wearing a suit to work, other colors are becoming increasingly fashionable. From green and baby blue to washed out red and burnt orange, a broad spectrum of colors are making it fun to wear a suit to a business meeting or for a night on the town.

top suits for men
Comfort meets fashionable:

The future of suits lies in comfort. Modern tailoring is breaking away from traditional fabrics towards more performance-oriented fabrics. Suits often include various comfort details, such as elastication and waist ties, and they can even be tailored with less structure for a more relaxed fit. You can even ditch the formal loafers and pair your favorite bespoke suit with a pair of minimal white leather trainers.

what is the best suit for men in 2021
Oversized tailoring:

Once upon a time, the testament to a quality tailored suit was signaled by its fit and snug silhouette. Today, more and more men are gravitating towards an oversized fit, which doesn’t hug the shoulder or nip in at the waist. Instead, the suit drops away from the shoulder and waist for a more comfortable fit. This doesn’t mean you simply size up. On the contrary, sizing up may make you look boxy. Instead, this particular trend requires the talents of a skilled tailor to ensure it still flatters your physique.

best suits for men 2021
Behold the double-breast:

2021 is embracing the double-breasted suit. Once associated with bankers, politicians, and even mafia men, the modern double-breasted suit represents a more relaxed fitting. With lighter fabrics and softer fits that allow for effortless body movement, the double-breasted suit can be worn to the office, out to dinner, or to any other informal event. You can even pair your double-breasted jacket with your favorite pair of jeans.

men suits trends 2021
Farewell skinny:

While trends from the past decade moved towards a skinny fit trouser, recent trends are moving more towards a wider leg. Pants with wider legs, whether relaxed or straight, with full pleats or flat-fronted, create a complimentary silhouette to complement your physique.

best suits trends 2021
Mix and match separates:

Although separates are not technically suits, more and more men are mixing and matching their garments. A tailored jacket with complimentary trousers can look just as presentable and fashionable as a suit while simultaneously offering a more casual, yet put together, vibe. Essentially, you can wear your favorite suit jacket with a pair of pants from another suit to create a modern and relaxed look.

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