How to choose the perfect
suit style for your body shape

22 Aug 2015

This article has been researched and written by Ariana Amarnani. AI has not been used in producing this article.

All individuals come in different shapes and sizes and so must our bespoke suits. This is because picking the ideal suit style and fit can boost your confidence, and ensure you feel comfortable every time.

There are four main categories worth considering: tall, short, slim, and larger-framed. You may even be a mixture of these common body types, such as tall and larger-framed or short and slim. These are important considerations when investing in a suit because above all, your purchase should fit perfectly. The tips below, including five for each body type, have been designed to give you helpful and simple guidelines for bringing out the best in you.


  1. If you stand tall and proud, you must ensure that your jacket is slightly longer. Longer jackets create balance and don’t make you look like you’ve outgrown your suit.
  2. Prints like big checks suit tall men.
  3. Make sure your trousers have a minimum of one break, or they will look too short.
  4. Ticket pockets and pocket squares are fun additions and help fill empty spaces on your suit.
  5. It’s important that you not show more than half an inch of cuff as anything more will make your sleeves look too short.



  1. Wear jackets a little shorter because this balances legs with your upper body, making for a more proportionate and balanced frame. Meanwhile, peak lapels can help lengthen a torso for ultimate elegance.
  2. Avoid belts as they cut your body in half and can make you look shorter than you are.
  3. Your shirt sleeves should show half an inch of cuff, or even a little more, to lengthen your arms.
  4. Pinstripes and micro checks are better wears as they create the illusion of greater height.
  5. For trousers, half a break is best; never more than one break. Longer trousers will make you look shorter, so keep them at a reasonable length.



  1. Slim people have elegance on their side and can look particularly snazzy in checked fabrics.
  2. Make sure your suit jacket isn’t too tight as this will make you appear slimmer than you are. Shoulder pads will help add volume to your body frame.
  3. Double-breasted suits are suitable for your shape as they make your chest and shoulders appear broader.
  4. Avoid slim lapels. They should be a minimum of 2.75 inches wide, but the ideal width is 3 to 3.25 inches.
  5. Wearing pleated trousers can give volume to the lower half of your body. If done right, this can look very trendy.



  1. To show off your burly and strong build, wear peak lapels as they make you appear longer, and thus more proportionate.
  2. Always wear two buttons and ensure they start a little higher to complement your midsection.
  3. Thicker fabrics create the illusion of bulk, so they are best avoided. This usually isn’t an issue in Dubai as people often choose more lightweight fabrics to beat the heat.
  4. Avoid close stripes as they can make you appear larger than you are.

Your jacket should never hang over your body, and narrow lapels should be avoided. Subtly-shaped jackets along with mid or wide lapels tend to be more flattering and can even create a slimming effect.

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