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Groom Suit Guide

10 Apr 2024

This article has been researched and written by Ariana Amarnani. AI has not been used in producing this article.

While many envision wedding planning as a whirlwind of venue selections, catering menus, guest lists, entertainment, floral arrangements, and the quintessential bridal gown, it’s crucial not to overlook the groom. Indeed, this day is equally theirs!

Traditionally, the bulk of wedding preparations falls to the bride, often with some input from the groom. This division of labor affords the groom ample opportunity to concentrate on his attire for the day, a decision that ranks high in importance.

Should the groom wear a suit or tuxedo?

The groom’s choice between a custom-made tuxedo or suit hinges on the wedding’s overall tone and style. Is it a formal gathering or a laid-back celebration at a beach or vineyard?

Beach wedding: Many grooms prefer a bespoke suit made from breathable, light fabrics like silk or linen. However, some still choose a formal tuxedo for their seaside vows.

Formal wedding: A tuxedo, whether in classic black or midnight blue, ensures an elegant, timeless presence at traditional, formal events.

Countryside wedding: A bespoke suit offers a refined yet understated choice for weddings in rural or vineyard settings.

Ethnic wedding: Selecting attire for an ethnic wedding means paying close attention to the cultural significance of colors and materials, whether you choose a tuxedo or a suit.

Buying vs. Renting

The debate between renting and buying a tuxedo or suit for the wedding leans favorably towards purchase, especially considering this marks the commencement of a lifetime with your beloved. Purchasing ensures:

  • – A flawless fit tailored specifically for the groom.
  • – Customization options that allow for the selection of premium materials and personal style details like fabric, color, and cut.
  • – The craftsmanship of seasoned tailors, ensuring unparalleled quality.

groom suit guide

What color suit is best for a groom?

While black, midnight blue, and classic gray remain popular choices for groom’s attire, the trend is shifting towards more vibrant colors and unique suit combinations for casual or unconventional weddings. The selection should complement the bridesmaids’ dresses and the season.

Does the groom wear the same suit as the groomsmen?

Typically, groomsmen’s attire echoes the groom’s, though the final decision rests with the groom. It’s vital that the style and color harmonize with the groom’s outfit to maintain a cohesive look. This consideration ensures that the wedding photos will look timeless and that the overall aesthetic of the wedding party is unified. Additionally, offering groomsmen guidance on attire can help streamline the selection process, ensuring everyone looks their best and feels confident on the big day.

How long will it take to order a bespoke wedding suit?

To avoid last-minute stress, begin the bespoke suit or tuxedo process at least two months prior to the wedding. Considering the intricate craftsmanship involved, a bespoke suit can require up to 50 hours to complete, with multiple fittings along the way. This timeline also allows for any adjustments or customizations that might be needed, ensuring the groom’s outfit is nothing short of perfect. Starting early also provides peace of mind, allowing the groom to focus on other wedding details as the day approaches.

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