guide to prepare for your wedding in 2020 by collars and cuffs

Getting married in 2020? Here’s your guide to prepare for the big day by C&C

20 Sep 2020

This article has been researched and written by Ariana Amarnani. AI has not been used in producing this article.

A wedding is one of life’s most important occasions; it takes months of planning and a substantial financial and emotional investment to plan the perfect ceremony. COVID-19, unfortunately, halted or postponed a lot of the events being planned across 2020. Lockdown related restrictions not only disturbed the guest lists but also forced many to rethink if they wanted to host their ceremonies at all.

The once-in-a-lifetime experience suffered a rather unplanned and lengthy hiatus, but the good news is that weddings are now getting back on track. With a set of new safety rules and regulations that one must comply with for their and everyone else’s well-being, couples are now planning to finally live the dream of a perfect wedding and celebrate with their families and friends.

If you or any of your loved ones is getting married in the near future, we’ve got you covered — literally. From masks to tailored wedding suits and sartorial accessories, here are a few tips and suggestions to consider.

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Getting married in 2020? Here’s your guide to prepare for the big day by C&C

New Protocols: As hosts, you need to prioritise the safety of your guests. Make sure they are all informed about the new protocols that you will follow during the wedding, and ensure that the rules are followed at all times by all the guests. Wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, and applying hand sanitisers must be clearly communicated to guests. Of course, no one wants medical masks in their wedding photos. Order your custom-made masks from C&C, complete with the emblems of the groom and bride for a nice touch that is as stylish as it is safe.

For the venue selection, outdoor venues are highly recommended over indoor ones. In case outdoor venues are inconvenient due to the weather or any other unavoidable reason, make sure the indoor venue is fully sanitised and well-ventilated.

Seating arrangement: For the organisers, seating arrangements are a major concern as it is important to ensure social distancing, which can usually be neglected on an occasion like a wedding. As hosts, you can speak to your organisers and make sure that a two-metre distance is maintained between each table with a maximum of four guests occupying each table and a minimum of two vacant seats between each group. If guests are from the same family, only a maximum number of 10 people should be allowed to sit on one table. The use of physical dividers is also an effective option.

Getting married in 2020? Here’s your guide to prepare for the big day by C&C

Greeting the bride and the groom: Happiness during weddings are expressed with hugs, kisses, and handshakes. However, this will need to change. As responsible hosts, you must advise your guests to refrain from any such greeting customs or anything that involves physical proximity. Wedding wishes must be made from a distance, be it among guests or with the bride and the groom.

Food and catering: Food is one of the most important parts of a wedding. As long as strict safety measures are being practised, buffets are acceptable. Just make sure that individual waiters serve the food to guests as self-service remains prohibited due to safety and health precautions. The use of disposable utensils and plates is also advised for serving.

If you keep all this in mind and follow the safety guidelines, you should be able to enjoy your special day without compromising anyone’s health. These clear guidelines will ensure that you celebrate this milestone in the best possible way, with the people closest to you and, most importantly, with complete peace of mind.

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