5 Dapper Father’s Day Gifts from Collars & Cuffs

5 Dapper Father’s Day Gifts from Collars & Cuffs

20 Jun 2021


At Collars & Cuffs, we are on a mission to celebrate fathers and all they stand for, and, as always, we are doing it in the most dapper fashion possible! Here are five custom-made gift ideas that will put a smile on their faces and uplift their style like no other.

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1. Spice it up with style:

Introducing suits made from the most exquisite fabrics sourced from the finest mills in Italy and England. With our wide selection of custom-made suits and jackets to match every personality, the ‘Dapper Dad’ will relish the provided comfort and versatility, be it at the office, for a family get-together, a casual dinner around town, or a formal occasion.
This ensemble can be complemented with an elegant tie and shirt, and further elevated with matching one-of-a-kind accessories. Go ahead, make his day, quite literally, all about him!

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2. Boost his personality with stylish accessories:

To add an extra dash of dandiness, help reflect his personality with stylish accessories, such as cufflinks, ties, suspenders, pocket squares, or lapel flowers, among many others. At C&C, for example, we have over 50 unique and hand-selected styles of cufflinks made in England and available in different finishes, including silver and gold, as well as with semi-precious stones. There’s a perfect one for every fashion-forward father.

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3. Give him custom-made leather goods:

Everyday wear elevated with carry-ons? Not a problem. With the quality and style of bags and accessories at C&C, there are myriad options for you to choose from, including suit bags, wallets, card holders, and cigar cases, among many others, customised to his personality. Add your personal touch to gifts by customising them with a choice of thread colour or painted monograms on the product to truly make them his.

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5. Relaxed in bespoke custom-made linen and loungewear:

If your father is a no-frills man, a classic linen shirt, trouser or matching linen or pyjama set can sometimes say it all. At C&C, you can opt for bespoke hand-stitched stylish ensembles from the finest Italian and English fabrics to make for a precious and cool lasting gift. It’s easy to up your father’s style without taking him too far out of the box!

6. Putting the choice in his hands:

With a plethora of choices to select from, sometimes it may be best to let him choose his present. Gift him a C&C gift voucher, and put the pleasure of customising his own apparel in his hands. From bespoke tailoring to custom-made suits and luxury accessories, the world is his bespoke oyster!

Collars & Cuff Bespoke Tuxedos and Bespoke Suits

At Collars & Cuffs, we take pride in combining decades of craftsmanship with a truly immersive and one-of-a-kind experience. Designed and crafted by master tailors with over twenty years of experience, our bespoke suits are entirely customizable to your personal taste, body, style, and personality. Regardless of where you want to wear your suit, we’ve got you covered.

For your safety and convenience, we currently offer a traveling tailor service to meet all your wardrobe needs from the comfort of your home or office. 

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