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Bespoke Suits In Dubai

Impressions are formed in the first few moments of meeting someone and it isn’t your wits or charm that creates the first impression, but your appearance. From the way we cut, to the horsehair base and then the final fusing, your Suit Concierge ensures each Collars & Cuffs custom suit has some unique differences, which make the suit truly bespoke. Therefore, if you are getting ready for an important event of your life, always rely on Collars & Cuffs to get the best custom suits in Dubai. Here are the key C&C; differences, whether you opt for a hand stitched or a partly hand stitched jacket.

Hand Stitched Jackets:

  • The difference between a hand stitched jacket and a partly hand stitched jacket is that the hand stitched jacket has a floating canvas with horsehair. In use for over 50 years, the floating canvas helps the suit last longer, breathe better, and lose its wrinkles quickly.
  • You get more natural movement and drape because the hand-sewn layers can move independently of one another. This is a very intricate process as the lapel alone has over 1000 stitches and each stitch helps define the shape memory of the jacket. The chest piece is made from a nine to fourteen step process which also helps achieve all the benefits mentioned above.

Partially Hand Stitched Jackets:

  • The partly hand stitched jacket is fused, which is modern technology used by a majority of contemporary tailors. At C&C; we use the best fusing company in the world. This ensures that when your custom suit is dry-cleaned the fusing doesn’t get loose and start bubbling on the suit which is a common occurrence with today's tailors.
  • Apart from this we add all the other features to the partly hand stitched jacket that are also in the hand stitched jacket. These other features include bespoke pattern cutting, which means each jacket has a unique pattern depending on your body shape.
  • We also hand stitch the lapels, inside the suit on the linings and on the border of the flap pockets. We can add more stitches if required depending on the design.
  • We also have sweat shields, built in pocket squares, customised name plates, very good quality viscose lining, working cuffs, grippers in the trousers and heel protective cuffs.

At Collars & Cuffs we pride ourselves in creating the finest custom made suits and bespoke garments in Dubai that reflects pure quality, attention to detail, style and elegance. Each client is given individual attention to ensure the styling, cloth selection and color will meet their desires. At Collars & Cuffs we understand your busy schedule; hence we will come over to your home or office at your convenience. Call us now and your custom suit concierge will reach your place to discuss your unique requirements and to take measurements.